Hill & Renee Safier, Andy - 25th Annual Dylanfest DVD-Vol. 1

Hill & Renee Safier, Andy - 25th Annual Dylanfest DVD-Vol. 1
  1. The Hour When the Ship Comes In-Andy & Renee & Hard Rain
  2. Sweetheart Like You- Andy & Renee & Hard Rain
  3. Emotionally Yours- Andy & Renee & Hard Rain
  4. Workingman’s Blues #2- Joel Rafael & Hard Rain
  5. Tangled Up in Blue- Andy & Renee & Hard Rain
  6. Mr. Tambourine Man- Various Guests with Hard Rain
  7. Wagon Wheel- Dave Leahy & Hard Rain
  8. Jammin’ Me- David Tokaji & Hard Rain
  9. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight- Patti Orbeck & Hard Rain
  10. Subterranean Homesick Blues- Andy & Renee & Hard Rain

    w/Tricia Gomez Luzio:
  11. All Along The Watchtower- Andy & Renee & Hard Rain
  12. Like A  Rolling Stone- Andy & Renee & Hard Rain
  13. End of the Line- Various Guests with Hard Rain
Note: Songs marked with an asterisk (*) are not composed by Bob Dylan

Dylanfest 25, Vol I and II on DVD! You can see, hear and revisit the greatest moments of May 3rd, 2015. Vol I contains 13 songs performed by Andy and Renee and Hard Rain plus some guests. Or you can get the 2 CD set and enjoy 27 rocking, riveting performances spanning the 8 hours of Dylanfest: fantastic guest performances, big hits and deep cuts from across Dylan’s 55-year career.
If you were at the show, you might even see yourself on the dance floor! If you missed it, here's your chance to experience the music and the feel of this wonderful day.

Hard Rain at Dylanfest is: Andy Hill, Renee Safier, Kirk Makin, Marty Rifkin, Dave Batti, Edo Tancredi, Dave Batti, Joe Caccavo & Davey Allen

Cameras: Lee Deyoung , Edmund Lloyd
Sound Mixing and Editing: Russell Wiener

The 25th Annual Dylanfestwas held May 3, 2015 in Torrance, CA.

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