Amy Winehouse, Sam Moore, Paul Weller - Quinn The Eskimo The Mighty Quinn)

Today, September 14, we think of Amy Winehouse who would have turned 34 today if still alive.

Almost two months ago, we wanted to pay attention to Amy Winehouse in memory of her passing away (July 23rd 2011). We did't find a Dylan cover video from her so we had to divert to a live version of Make You Feel My Love dedicated to Amy by Adele.

But suddenly there seems to be a video after all. This is a recording of the annual Jools Holland New Year's Eve show. Due to the theme (time), the movie is partly populated by people with clock heads, as if you enter the Beanery of Kienholz, but that's just a sidestep.
Jools' 14th Annual Hootenanny - BBC2 - December 31st, 2006 / January 1st, 2007. The finale (so it's actually Jan 1st, 2007 then) - The Mighty Quinn - with Paul Weller, Sam Moore and Amy Winehouse taking the lead vocals: Amy sings at 2:05. Amy Winehouse, Sam Moore, Paul Weller - The Mighty Quinn (Hootenanny 2006/7)

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