Momonashi - Hurricane

Today we commemorate Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, who died exactly three years ago (May 6, 1937 – April 20, 2014). Carter was a middleweight boxer who was wrongfully convicted of murder and later released after spending almost 20 years in prison. In 1975 Dylan recorded his long biographical protest song Hurricane about the falsely trialed Rubin Carter. Read more here:

Watch Momonashi covering "Hurricane". Momonashi are a Japanese duo: vocalist Mihoco Kamimura and acoustic-tenor-bassist JIGEN. A unit name “Momonashi” stands for peach (momo) and pear (nashi).

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  • Peter Hyatt

    Peter Hyatt

    20 April 2017 at 14:01 | #

    Once the trial transcripts reached media, Dylan stopped playing the song. Rubin Carter's guilt was obvious. After release he went on with his violence, including sexual violence (rape) against one of his supporters. One of Bob's greatest songs, he had to abandon it long ago due to the truth. Even the Denzel Washington movie had to rely upon fiction rather than tell the truth. Truth is the new "hate speech" of America.

    Peter Hyatt


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