Toni Vescoli

vescoliToni Vescoli is a pioneering Swiss singer/songwriter/guitarist of the classic rock era who over the course of his long career performed a variety of styles, from English-language pop/rock to Dylanesque folk music. Born on July 18, 1942, in Zürich, Switzerland, Vescoli formed the trailblazing rock band Les Sauterelles in 1962. Comprised of Vescoli (rhythm guitar, lead vocals), Rolf Antener (lead guitar, vocals), Heinz Ernst (bass guitar, vocals), and Düde Dürst (drums, vocals), Les Sauterelles were sometimes referred to as the "Swiss Beatles" and recorded on Columbia Records during the mid-'60s. The band's first hit was "Hong Kong" (1965), written by Vescoli; also in 1965, the band was featured on the compilation album Swiss Beat Live! alongside fellow Swiss bands the Counte and the Dynamite. Les Sauterelles released several singles during the latter half of the '60s, including the number one hit "Heavenly Club," and they released a couple albums, too. Vescoli broke up the band in 1970, however, and embarked on a solo career. He didn't enjoy any substantial success until 1974, when he finally switched from English to his native dialect and saw his single "Es Pfäffli" become a Top Ten hit. An accompanying album, Lueg für Dich (1974), also sung in dialect, proved popular as well. In 1975 Vescoli followed up his solo breakthrough with another Top Ten hit single, "Scho Root," and accompanying album, Guete Morge. Subsequent solo releases include Läbig (1978), Zäme (1979), Ich Bin So Frei (1983), and Klasse-Zämekunft (1987). In 1989 Vescoli returned to his roots and introduced the rock band Vescoli & Co., with which he released a series of popular albums: Nr. 1 (1989), Nr. 2 (1992), and Nr. 3 (1994). These albums revived interest in Vescoli, sparking the release of a retrospective album, 25 Jahre Toni Vescoli (1990), and a collection of Bob Dylan songs adapted for Swiss German dialect, Bob Dylan Songs - Mundart (1993). In subsequent years, Vescoli reunited Les Sauterelles and, on seldom occasion, continued to release generally well-received solo albums such as Tegsass (1999) and 66 (2008).

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  • Vescoli, Toni - Toni Vescoli Bob Dylan Songs Mundart

    Vescoli, Toni - Toni Vescoli Bob Dylan Songs Mundart

    1. Für immer jung (Forever Young)
    2. Wie-n es Blatt im Wind (Like a Rolling Stone)
    3. Chlopfe a's Himmels-Tor (Knockin' on Heaven's Door)
    4. Zrugg uf d'Autobahn (Highway 61 Revisited)
    5. Dänk nöd z'heiss (Don't Think Twice)
    6. Chunsch eh nienet hii (You Ain't Going Nowhere)
    7. Desolation Row (Desolation Row)
    8. Schnurri Blues vom III. Wältchrieg (Talking World War III Blues)
    9. Bii mir chasch sicher sii (Shelter From the Storm)
    10. De Maa in mir (The Man in Me)
    11. Freiheits-Glogge (Chimes of Freedom)
    12. Ich wirde befreit (I Shall Be Released)
    13. Sie rüered Schtei (Rainy Day Woman)
    14. Maggie-Farm (Maggie's Farm)
    15. Ich gang jetzt (Going, Going, Gone)
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