Ron Sexsmith

ron sexsmith

The staff here, at Nobody Sings, have their own favourites and hero's. We don't listen to Dylan all day. In fact... sometimes we don't listen to Dylan for days. That's maybe why we've got this lame cover-excuse. Anyway...

In 1999, after riding my bicycle to Timbuctu (and back) I made a stopover on the way home at my longtime friend Marc de Maegdt and asked him if I missed anything new and exciting while being in the desert. He handed me two cd's. On the cover was a guy with a babyface. After a few songs it felt as a huge mistake to be away for so long. I was happy to be back.

Seventeen years later Ron has become an artists' artist. Dylan even handpicked a couple Sexsmith tunes to play on his Sirius radio show, Theme Time Radio Hour.  And this for a musician who’s never scored a top 40 hit. Ron really knows how to sing Dylan’s songs. He has a great YouTube series where he covers a lot of artists, he picks songs across a many genres.

While writing these lines I searched the internet for other thoughts about Ron Sexsmith, other fan's perspectives, quotes, etc. I came across a few lines that made me smile. There is a nice article here, about the song "Never Gonna Be The Same Again". From an interview in The Gardian I like to highlight this phrase:

You used to perform covers yourself as a "one-man jukebox" – could you still do that?
Oh definitely. I have so many songs in my memory. It's like an idiot savant thing … only without the savant part. I can't remember anybody's name or anything like that yet I know so many song lyrics it's crazy. I could get up tonight and do an hour of nothing but Bob Dylan songs. I could do that with anybody I like!

There's also an nice interview here. Have a listen and... read his tweets!

Buckets Of Rain - Ron Sexsmith

Ron sings Buckets Of Rain by Bob Dylan

Dark Eyes - Ron Sexsmith

Ron sings Dark Eyes by Bob Dylan

Every Grain Of Sand - Ron Sexsmith

Ron sings Every Grain Of Sand by Bob Dylan in honour of his 75th birthday

I Pity The Poor Immigrant - Ron Sexsmith

Ron Sings I Pity The Poor Immigrant by Bob Dylan

I Want You - Ron Sexsmith

Ron sings I Want You by Bob Dylan

If Not For You - Ron Sexsmith

Ron Sings If Not For You by Bob Dylan

If You See Her Say Hello - Ron Sexsmith

Ron Sings If You See Her Say Hello by Bob Dylan

Is Your Love In Vain? - Ron Sexsmith

Ron sings Is Your Love In Vain? by Bob Dylan

It Ain't Me Babe - Ron Sexsmith

Ron sings It Ain't Me Babe by Bob Dylan

John Wesley Harding - Ron Sexsmith

Ron Sings John Wesley Harding by Bob Dylan

Jokerman - Ron Sexsmith

Ron sings Jokerman by Bob Dylan

Love minus Zero/No Limit - Ron Sexsmith

Ron Sings Love minus Zero/No Limit by Bob Dylan

Never Gonna Be The Same Again - Ron Sexsmith

Ron sings Never Gonna Be The Same Again by Bob Dylan

Slow Train - Ron Sexsmith

Ron sings Slow Train by Bob Dylan

The Man In Me - Ron Sexsmith

Ron SingsThe Man In Me by Bob Dylan

The Times They Are A-Changin' - Ron Sexsmith

Ron Sings The Times They Are A-Changin' by Bob Dylan

To Ramona - Ron Sexsmith

Ron sings To Ramona by Bob Dylan

Winterlude - Ron Sexsmith

Ron Sings Winterlude by Bob Dylan

You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go - Ron Sexsmith

Ron Sings You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go by Bob Dylan

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