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When I paint that masterpiece

Dave's original database had more than 32.500 entries with Bob Dylan covers. It was hosted at Baseportal.
As far as I know Dave was the only person who had access to it and had the appropriate rights to administrate it.

After Dave passed away in January 2011 the database was still there for quite a while.
But then, suddenly, it was gone.
It wasn't until quite some time later that I realized that there probably wasn't a back up... was there?
It reminded me of the story about four people, named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody

No use crying over spilled milk. Trough WaybackMachine I recovered 80% of the information: 27.500 of the 32.500 records and merged them with my database.
While working with WaybackMachine I noticed that many of the pages had been saved before, by somebody.

I wonder...

Did Somebody do the same job I did?
Is there anybody out there that has recovered more than I have recovered?
Is there anyone that has a copy of the complete database?

Please let that person mail me.

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