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The Pozo-Seco Singers

Although they are most remembered for including Don Williams in their lineup prior to his ascension to solo country stardom, the Pozo-Seco Singers were much more oriented toward pop-folk than country music. The Texas threesome formed in Corpus Christi, TX, where Williams and Lofton Kline had a duo called the Strangers Two; with the addition of Susan Taylor, they became the Pozo-Seco Singers.

Playing cleanly executed, coffeehouse-style folk, the trio could sound like a far more commercial, pop-conscious version of Ian & Sylvia with their conscientious blend of male and female lead vocals and harmonies. Not as hip as Ian & Sylvia or Peter, Paul and Mary, and not as blatantly commercial as, say, the Seekers, the group had a few small pop hits in the mid-'60s, "I Can Make It with You" and "Look What You've Done" both entering the Top 40. After a few albums for Columbia in the last half of the 1960s, the act broke up, leaving Williams to pursue a solo career in the country field.
The Pozo-Seco Singers: Time

The Pozo-Seco Singers: Time


Tomorrow Is A Long Time

Pozo Seco - Shades of Time

Pozo Seco - Shades of Time


You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
Spanish Harlem Incident

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