Kiwis Doin’ Dylan – Part V

And Here Comes The 21st Century

And it all continued into this new century with little signs of slowing down (though much is now done via on-line rather than physical media). Two full Dylan ‘tribute’ cover albums from NZ musicians were released along with various other covers.  It's been a mighty fine century.


  • Shayn WillisShayn Wills and the Swamp Diggers
    "I Shall Be Released”
    CD "It Leaped Up And Bit Me" Recorded live at the Java Jive Cafe in Ponsonby Auckland, NZ October 2000.  Shayn is also known as Shayn "Hurricane" Wills.
    This recording was performed over two nights - 6 and 7 October 2000 - and the album released in early 2001.  Shayn was on guitar, harmonica and vocals. Alex Griffith (bass) and Gordon Joll (drums) completed the swamp for this recording (which has no catalog number). Further information on Shayn is contained at this site Shayn Wills info.
  • woodstock sessionsKevin Borich 
    “From A Buick 6”
    CD RHY 104 Rhythms Magazine Tribute CD "The Woodstock Sessions: Songs of Bob Dylan" ("Tombstone Blues" is the CD listing, but it is actually "From A Buick 6"). While this is an Australian Dylan Tribute CD, Kevin is from New Zealand and was a founding member of the La De Das (see 1975 Dylan covers). Some detail on Kevin is in this Kevin Borich wiki entry.


  • eclipse on trackEclipse
    “Knockin on Heaven’s Door”
    CD “On Track” October 2001, Wellington - (duo Larry Taylor & Chris Kirkland)
    The Eclipse duo feature Larry Taylor (guitars, harmonica, vocals) and Chris Kirkland (guitars, vocals).  The Eclipse info has more detail on this covers duo.


  • mark apperleyMark Apperley
    "Emotionally Yours"
    CD GRW Music CD10 "Standing at the Door"
    with Graham Wardrop (guitar, backing vocals) - the album was produced by Graham Wardrop.  See further entries on this page for other Dylan songs covered by Graham. 


  • gray bartlettGray Bartlett (and Graham Wardrop)
    "I'll Be Your Baby, Tonight"
    CD Warner 0927446332 "All The Best - Their Greatest Hits" is a compilation of hits - by Gray Bartlett, Jodi Vaughan and Brendan Dugan. It is an instrumental track with Gray backed by Graham Wardrop.  (See 1966 for Gray's first Dylan cover.)  Full information on Gray Bartlett's extensive career in music is available on the Gray Bartlett website


  • bic rungaBic Runga
    "One More Cup of Coffee"
    CD Columbia 5148132000 "Bic Runga with the Christchurch Symphony - Live in Concert"
    Bic Runga is one of New Zealand's most praised singer/songwriters and is a highly popular musician.  Amanda Mills has a detailed history on a NZ music website.  This Dylan track was one of eleven tracks in this special concert with the Christchurch Symphony conducted by Marc Taddei.  The concert was recorded in Christchurch on 3 October 2003 and released about six weeks later.                                                                                            
  • near youJohn Bercich
    "Blowin' in the Wind"
    CD "Near You" instrumental - synthesizers, using a KORG IS 40, KORG PA 80, and Trixon vibraphone. Recorded in Auckland.


  • richie rhinestoneRichie Rhinestone and the Insatiable Opium Cowboys 
    on CD Postmoderncore records, Wellington PMC037 “I ain’t never been to heaven, but I hear they’ve got a real good bar” provides a live pub recording on 4 Sept 2003 - with (perhaps) R Rhinestone (vocals, guitar), DB Shambles (guitar), SS Shambles (bass) and VT Savage (drums, backing vocals). The Postmoderncore website has a bit more information on this group and further identifies the band for this Cowboys release as being Richie (guitar), Tony (guitar), Smiley (drums) and Sam (bass).


  • what happenedSophie Moleta
    “Buckets of Rain”
    Swedish CD Gason CD 716 “What Happened in Fremantle?” is an album by David Harenstam Band and features songstress and piano playing Sophie Moleta. Sophie has had a musical career in her native New Zealand, in the UK, in France and latterly in Australia. The Sophie Moleta wiki contains more information on Sophie and her music.

  • Mike Garner
    mike garner"I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)"
    on CD "Drivin' with the Blues" from Kingfisher Studios
    Mike is a blues musician residing near Tauranga NZ. His career is documented on the Mike Garner website. On this Dylan track Mike is accompanied by Derek Jacombs on guitar and Nigel Masters on bass and Warren Houston on drums. Derek and Nigel are part of the Kokomo group and The Self-Righteous Brothers - on this page with other Dylan covers.


  • Not Dark YetJohn Hayday and Vaughan Morgan
    "Boots of Spanish Leather"
    "Not Dark Yet"
    the CD is titled “Not Dark Yet” with Hayday (guitar, vocals) and Morgan (guitar). John Hayday plays guitar (classical, folk) and is also a sailor and a boat builder. 


  • mark hayesMark G Hayes
    CD “Up-dated” limited edition produced by Bus Tunnel Studios.
    This is the second release of this collection of tracks by Mark Hayes, which includes the story of the Hurricane by Dylan. Recorded in Wellington NZ.
  • The Self-Righteous Brothers
    rusty swing feel1“It's All Over Now, Baby Blue”
    “Tomorrow Is A Long Time”
    “One Too Many Mornings”
    “I Want You” 
    CD "Rusty Swing Feel" Jayrem BRPCD007 with Derek Jacombs (guitar, vocals) and Nigel Masters (bass, vocals). Both of these musicians are in the larger group Kokomo but have performed together as the Self-Righteous Brothers and perform four Dylan covers on this CD.  Look around on this page for other Dylan covers by these two performers.
  • Making TracksTawa College Dawn Chorus
    “To Make You Feel My Love”
    on CD “Making Tracks” with instrumental portion of the Dylan song arranged by Shona Murray.  Directors Murray Cameron and SHona Murray and piano by Martin Burdan. Tawa College (High School) is a coeducational school located in a Wellington suburb. The Dawn Chorus is a 200 strong all-comers choir. Information on the school can be obtained from the Tawa College wiki.  As well as piano, the track also includes trombone and oboe.


  • sparkling duetsButton-Up Coat
    “I’m a Fool For You”
    (basement tape song)
    CD “Sparkling Duets”
    This is also known as "Sparkling Duets, Christchurch".  The concept was a concert of local duets - with the local couple Button-Up Coat duo providing three songs. The was the third concert, the others being in New Plymouth and Wellington. This concert was recorded live in the Christchurch suburb of Lyttleton on 24 November 2007. More detail on this recording is contained on the Sparkling Duets link.                                                                                  
  • Calder DavidDavid Calder
    "Simple Twist of Fate"
    "Tomorrow is a Long Time"
    Two videos of David Calder performing Dylan's songs at the Wellington Bluegrass Society, Petone New Zealand in 2007. Video filmed and edited by Hugh Macdonald and Graeme Moffatt in 2007. David was a member of the Hamilton County Bluegrass Band in the 1960s and 1970s and has performed widely over the years.


  • kokomo wellKokomo for details click on the following link  Kiwi Tribute album
    This is an album of all Dylan songs - the first complete Dylan tribute album produced in New Zealand and contains twelve Dylan covers. The CD is “In The Well” Jayrem BRPCD009 and contains the following songs:

    On a Night Like This • It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Lot to Cry • Things Have Changed • You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go • Dignity • Absolutely Sweet Marie • Highway 61 Revisited • Tryin’ to Get to Heaven • Down In the Flood  • Queen Jane Approximately • Tangled Up In Blue • Cat’s in the Well

  • second fiddleMalcontent
    “Make You Feel My Love” 
    CD “Second Fiddle” Powertool Records PT080 (Malcontent is Mallory Gawn but mainly features Sarah Davey on this track with her vocals and piano). Some further information on Malcontent website for the album.


  • andrew dixonAndrew Dixon
    “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight”
    CD “The Art of Sax II” - track is labeled as “Baby Tonight (UB40)” on the CD.  Andrew Dixon is an Auckland based multi instrumentalist mainly known for his sax performances in NZ, UK, Scandanavia and elsewhere. His music and other talents are highlighted on the Andrew Dixon Saxman website.


  • graham naomiNaomi Ferguson & Graham Wardrop
    “Don’t Think Twice”
    “Make You Feel My Love” 
    on this CD the first Dylan track has Naomi Ferguson on vocals with Graham on guitar. The second track has Naomi vocals and Graham vocals + guitar.  The title of the album is "Don't Think Twice".  Naomi and Graham have toured together several times and Dylan songs feature in their singing.  The Naomi Ferguson website has more information on her. And the Graham Wardrop website has detail on his music. Graham has several other NZ Dylan covers on this page - as primary performer or as backing.


  • wires and woodWires & Wood
    “Nashville Skyline Rag”
    “One More Night”
    CD WWM-02 “Over the Moon”
    Wires and Wood is an Auckland based four piece band inspired by the sounds of traditional and modern bluegrass music. Bryan Christianson (lead vocal on One More Night and banjo on both tracks), Dave Warren (guitar and backing vocals), Michael Young (mandolin, lead vocal) and Garry Trotman (bass).  More information is available on the Wires and Wood website.
  • mojo risersMojo Risers
    “I Shall Be Released”
    CD Sunshower Records recorded live 11 June 2010 "The Mojo Risers - live at Artworks Theatre" on Waiheke Island - Aaron Carpenter on vocals and guitar with Neal Ghoshal on lead guitar and backing vocals.
    The Mojo Risers are based on Waiheke Island, a short ferry ride from Auckland NZ.  The Mojo Risers website has detailed information on their music.                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Pipi Pickers
    "Forever Young"
    Pipi Pickers2A Pipi Pickers video performing Dylan's song at the Wellington Bluegrass Society, Petone New Zealand in 2010 is available. The Pipi Pickers are a newgrass/bluegrass band who perform widely in New Zealand and Australia and sometimes on the high seas. Detail information on The Pipi Pickers is at the Pipi Pickers website.


  • kokomo allcomes roundKokomo
    “Buckets of Rain”
    CD “It All Comes 'Round” Boatshed Records BRPCD011 - Another fine album by Kokomo - with one Dylan cover.  Look up and down on this page for other Kokomo Dylan covers. And again check their Kokomo website for much information on their 25 years of music for New Zealand. 


  • starbugs kidsThe Starbugs for details click on the following link  Kiwi Tribute album
    This is the second complete Dylan tribute album from New Zealand. It contains eleven Dylan covers and is CD “Kids Sing Bob Dylan” Universal Children's Audio UCA94-2. The tracks are:

    Mr Tambourine Man • Man Gave Names To All the Animals • Blowin' In the Wind • Knockin' On Heaven's Door • I Shall Be Released • The Mighty Quinn • Mozambique • The Times They Are A-Changin' • You Ain't Goin' Nowhere • Girl From the North Country • Forever Young



  • social fretworkThe Self-Righteous Brothers
    “Buckets of Rain”
    “If Not For You”
    CD "Social Fretwork" Boatshed Records BRPCD012 - with Derek Jacombs (guitar, vocals) and Nigel Masters (bass, vocals). Both of these musicians are in the larger group Kokomo but have performed together as the Self-Righteous Brothers and perform two more Dylan covers on this CD.  Look around on this page for other Dylan covers by these two performers.


  • kokomo battenKokomo
    “Cat’s In The Well”
    CD “Batten Down The Hatches - 25 years of Kokomo” Boatshed Records 2CD set BRPCD016 - cocktail mix - previously unreleased track. Kokomo's musical 25 years is documented in the Kokomo website.   



  • Tami NeilsonTami Neilson 
    “Gotta Serve Somebody”
    CD “Songs of Sinners (Live!)" recorded live at The Tuning Fork, Auckland, New Zealand, by Tami Neilson - originally from Canada but now living with husband and two sons near Auckland - and performing widely in country and around the world. CD issued on Neilson Records 2017 and released for sale at her country wide "Songs of Sinners Tour"  Details on Tami and her music at her Tami Neilson website.
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