Kiwis Doin’ Dylan – Part IV

And Here Come The Eighties and Nineties

And it continued and continued….. The decades kept rolling along with Dylan’s music being covered by new generations of musicians – including young up-and-coming musicians as well as some more established. The Eighties were sparse in commercially released Dylan covers in New Zealand, but the Nineties proved much more productive. (Most of the scans after 1985 are from CD artwork) 


  • toy loveToy Love
    “Positively 4th Street”
    on cassette (1988) NZ Walking Monk, and CD copy (2000) “Live at the Cook” Vol 2. Actual concert was 28 August 1980 at The Captain Cook (pub known as "The Cook"). (Medley of Greenwalls/Yummy Yummy Yummy/Positively 4th Street) - Toy Love was an influential, iconic and important part of New Zealand music - especially the new wave punk rock scene. Andrew Schmidt has written a comprehensive history of the reality and the mythology around this group - on a NZ music website


  • Lets FlyCertain Sounds 81
    “In The Garden”
    on LP “Let’s Fly on the Wind” (Youth for Christ) YFC 116
    this recording of songs includes Karen Buchanan (vocals), Graham Burt (keyboards, backing vocals), Janet Burt (vocals), Nelson Chase (bass, vocals), Earl Langridge (drums), Allen Walker (guitar, vocals) and Lyndsay Simpkin (tour manager/speaker).


  • Auckland AcousticsSiren 
    “Love Minus Zero/No Limit”
    LP “Auckland Acoustics” Real Groovy Records RGR 002 - 
    Siren was Nettie Bird (Vocals, Bongos, Percussion), Penni Bousfield (Vocals, Guitar) and Karin Kahurangi (Vocals, Guitar, Percussion).



  • marc hunterMarc Hunter
    "Forever Young"
    on Aussie tribute CD "Doin' Dylan" 1995 Columbia 480647 2. The actual recording is from the 1989 Australian LP Zzzero ABC Records for kids – 836 861-1.  The same track is on CD "Forever Young" of Marc Hunter solo tracks released as Raven 105 in 2000. Marc was one of the NZ group Dragon which toured extensively in NZ before heading to the larger pastures of Australia. Noted NZ music writer Nick Bollinger has documented Dragon's trajectory in detail in a NZ music website.                                                                                                                                                                     
  • blow outCrowded House
    "Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)"
    “Mr Tambourine Man”
    The Tambourine Man live recording has appeared on many official releases including on UK CD 'Indie Compilation' called "Blowout"  EMI 7243 493 5852 2 and on other releases, vinyl, single, EP and compilations.  It was originally recorded live April 7th, 1989 with Roger McGuinn as Byrdhouse.  Crowded House is probably the most widely known NZ band.  While weather with yousometimes claimed as being an Australian band, the key component member was always Neil Finn. Kerry Doole has an extensive history of Crowded House on a NZ music website. Two of the many releases with this Dylan Tambourine Man track are shown here. In addition there is a 1992 live recording of the Quinn The Eskimo track circulating via a fan CD.


  • Willie HonaWillie Hona
    “Every Grain of Sand”
    “When the Night Comes Falling From the Sky”
    CD and cassette -  “Keep An Open Heart” Festival D30704 
    Willie Hona was one of the (many) members of the Pacific reggae group Herbs. The story of the Herbs is told by Peter McLennan on a NZ music website.


  • al hunterAl Hunter
    “Don't Think Twice, It’s All Right”
    CD "The Singer"  Pagan PACD 1094 4357942
    Originally Al Hunter was a blues, R&B, rock musician but in 1980 decided to return to his first love of country music. Chris Bourke has detail on his music and career in a NZ music website.
  • once blueMargaret Farrelly
    "Tomorrow Is A Long Time"
    cassette “Once In A Blue Moon”  NZ Replay Radio RR9218
    The tape, compiled by Radio Replay, consists of 13 easy-listening songs recorded by Margaret for National Radio over the past year.


  • live ricksMalcolm Jimenez
    “Knockin’ On Heaven's Door”
    CD “Live at Rick's” Auckland Blue Falcon Records BF 001 - Rick's Cafe Amercain was in Auckland. Rick Roff was proprietor of this Cafe known for its jamming sessions. This CD was recorded 8th, 9th and 10th of November, 1992 with Malcolm Jimenez (guitar and vocals), Richard Adams (violin), and Dean Menzies (harmonica).
  • paul ubana jonesPaul Ubana Jones
    “Ballad of a Thin Man” (1992)
    CD “The Things Which Touch Me So“ Pagan 4357832 
    “It Takes a Lot to Laugh and a Train to Cry” (1997)
    CD "Blessings and Burdens" Pagan PACD 1136 8446772

    John Dix has written the Paul Ubana Jones story on a NZ Music website. Paul has lived in New Zealand since 1987 and Dylan songs play a large part in his music. "Jones picked paul ubana jones2up the guitar at age eleven and his earliest influences included Ray Charles and Mahalia Jackson but Bob Dylan made the greater impression. Dylan songs still feature in his repertoire."


  • terrys mobTerry's Mob
    “Knockin' on Heaven's Door”
    CD “Terry’s Mob” T&ACD57  vocalists Tereapii Pita, Pat Williams, Ngatamariki Akaiti, Rere Kaiaruna with musicians George Moekaa and Rere Kaiaruna.  This is a Cook Islands group recorded in Auckland.


  • graham baby toniteGraham Wardrop
    “I'll Be Your Baby Tonight”
    cassette Radio NZ Studios
    Complete information on Graham and his extensive career and his accomplishments at the Graham Wardrop website.
  • easy stEasy St. 
    “Man In the Long Black Coat”
    CD “Easy St.”   Panic 96001 (Tony Ricketts, Jenny Kilpatrick, Liam Davidson, Kerrin Worsfold). There was another NZ music group with the name Easy Street - hence this group is known by the name Easy St.  


  • hard to handleHard to Handle
    "Slow Train Coming"
    CD "The End of the Beginning"  City Light Productions - This band had many line-ups.  The ones for this album were John Michaelz (lead vocals), Anton Elkington (guitar, vocals), Paul Higgins (drums) and Kevin Coleman (bass). The music was recorded earlier (1992) but finally released in 1995. John Michaelz was born in NZ in 1965, but moved to Iceland at age five. He later returned to live in NZ in 1987 and formed the band "Hard to Handle" which toured extensively until it disbanded in 1993. Information on his life and career is available on the John Michaelz facebook page.
  • cowboy eddieDarren McKean
    “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue”
    cassette  “Toitu te Whenua” (Our Land) -  Blue Smoke Music Co. - Darren McKean sings under the pseudonym “Shahn” - harmony vocals by Davy Dee – also with various artists on this cassette performing as "Cowboy".


  • hammond gambleHammond Gamble
    “Groom Still Waiting At The Altar”
    CD "Plugged In and Blue"  Scoop de Loop SCD 025 - same track on CD Warner Bros 0927447302 (2002) "100% Blues - The Ultimate Collection"
    Hammond Gamble is a well known NZ bluesman and songwriter. The Hammond Gamble website has detail on his history and career.


  • jan prestonJan Preston
    "Dark Eyes"
    CD "Accomplices"  Jayrem CDJAY 345.
    Keith Newman has extensive detail on Jan's career in a NZ music website. A summary of her career: "Classically trained pianist and former New Zealand rock musician Jan Preston is one of Australia and New Zealand's finest exponents of boogie-woogie and rhythm and blues piano and is a sought after composer of film and documentary soundtracks." 


  • Tahora 21Kerry Turner with Mike Harding and Sarah-Jayne White
    "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere"
    CD "Tahora 21st - A Coming of Age" Tahora Music Festival OMAPU 021 - Kerry Turner, with Mike Harding and Sarah-Jayne White.
    Tahora is a small settlement located in the Manawatu-Wanganui Region in the North Island of New Zealand along the Stratford–Okahukura railway line and State Highway 43 between Stratford and Taumarunui. It was the location of an annual folk music festival for 30 years. This 2CD recording is from their 21st Festival on 30th and 31st December 1996 with the CD being released in early 1997.
  • chocolate fishChocolate Fish
    “Forever Young”
    CD “Live at Vino Vino”  Big Love Production BLCD1001 - Vino Vino Café, Waiheke Island, (35 minute ferry ride from Auckland).  Chocolate Fish is comprised of Anu Grace (vocals, flute), Pete Reilly (guitar), Chris Orange (double bass) and Alain Koestier (drums). The members of the group lived on Waiheke Island at the time.  Up to date information on Anu Grace can be found at the Anu Grace website. This album recorded live on 28 April 1997.


  • mcsweeney brothersMcSweeney Brothers
    “Seven Curses”
    “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”
    “The Times They Are A-Changin’”
    “Like a Rolling Stone”
    CD "The McSweeney Brothers Live at the Claddagh"  C5501 recorded 26 July 1998 in Auckland. Group members at this session were Marian Burns, Phil McSweeney, Peter Williams and Paddy Hallissey. These were the 'original' McSweeney Brothers and their 'sister' Marian.


  • peter caultonPeter Caulton
    "Man with the Long Black Coat"
    CD "Raining on the Rock" Bear Family Records BCD 16392 AH.
    Peter was born in Gisborne New Zealand and has performed widely through out the world in more than 20 countries.  In recent decades he has been based in Europe, mainly Germany.  This particular CD was however recorded in Australia, with mostly songs written by Australians. The Dylan song is an exception to that.
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