Kiwis Doin’ Dylan – Part I

Mainly Just Folk – the early to middle 1960s

New Zealand was not immune to the Western World’s folk movements of the early 1960s. A vibrant and widespread folk community developed in New Zealand, with British traditional folk influences being the dominant strain. Nonetheless the scene was set for influences from North America as well. 

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Kiwis Doin' Dylan - Part II

The Latter Sixties – More Folk 

And it continued – with Dylan’s songs gaining wider exposure within and beyond the Folk community.  The latter Sixties were among the peak years for Dylan covers with a wide range of NZ musicians performing his songs – with more folk, some country and some basement tape covers. 

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Kiwis Doin' Dylan - Part III

And Here Come The Seventies

And it continued…. The Sixties turned into the Seventies – and Dylan’s music spread its wings – with a wider range of musicians covering his songs, folk, country, rock and beyond. This was certainly true in New Zealand.      

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Kiwis Doin’ Dylan – Part IV

And Here Come The Eighties and Nineties

And it continued and continued….. The decades kept rolling along with Dylan’s music being covered by new generations of musicians – including young up-and-coming musicians as well as some more established. The Eighties were sparse in commercially released Dylan covers in New Zealand, but the Nineties proved much more productive. (Most of the scans after 1985 are from CD artwork) 

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Kiwis Doin’ Dylan – Part V

And Here Comes The 21st Century

And it all continued into this new century with little signs of slowing down (though much is now done via on-line rather than physical media). Two full Dylan ‘tribute’ cover albums from NZ musicians were released along with various other covers.  It's been a mighty fine century.

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Kiwis Doin’ Dylan – Odds and Ends

And Here Come The Odds and Ends

And thus has it always been – there are some things which don’t fit neatly into categories.  
  • an unexpected Kiwi re-write of a Dylan classic "The Times They Are-A Changin'"
  • one Kiwi song about Bob Dylan written in a singer-songwriter style  (of sorts)
  • one more recent Kiwi song about shocking consequences of the ghost of electricity
  • and one musician who specifically Digs Bob Dylan
  • and one musician who moved to France and is better known there than in New Zealand

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