A Conversation With Milton Glaser As His Iconic, Psychedelic Bob Dylan Poster Turns 50

glaser 2017Dylan's Greatest Hits was released March 27, 1967—rushed out the door by his record label, Columbia, between the release of two other albums, the earth-shaking Blonde on Blonde and the lovely, underrated John Wesley Harding.

Between March 1965 and December 1967, Dylan released no fewer than four classic albums—including Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited—in addition to the five-time platinum Greatest Hits. In those heady years of the mid-Sixties, any number of bands sold more records than Dylan, but no other musical act on the planet—not the Beatles, not the Stones, not Hendrix, no one—was more influential.

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The Milton Glaser Poster

milton glaser by jeanne detallanteIn his blog Right Ear Left Montreal-based art director Martin Dupuis explains about his compulsive habit of hunting through record shops for 1967 editions of Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits in hopes of finding the graphic design equivalent of a golden ticket—a Milton Glaser-designed first edition poster, copies of which were included in slipcovers when the album was released.

Next to his I Love NY logo, the poster is one of Glaser’s most famous designs. So Dupuis, who has stumbled upon three of these posters, recently interviewed the 85-year-old design icon about the poster's creation and his views on art and creativity.
As it turns out, Glaser and Dylan never actually worked together on the poster, and though the depiction has risen to a near-iconic stature, the two haven't so much as even discussed it.

The staff of nobodysingsdylanlike.com stumbled upon many "covers" of the original. Enough to gather these together and present them as a whole. Below you'll find some imitations, copies, parodies, spoofs and steals. Enjoy!

Text courtesy: Martin Dupuis

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Images, etc.

Brooke Candy 2 - Madeline Kate Design
Shakey - Neil Young
Bernie Saunders
Milton Glaser/Dylan Cookie
Happy Belated Birthday, Klaus - Not a photographer
Glaser Exhibition Invitation
Papier mache sculpture of Dylan in Bob Dylan exhibit in Hibbing town library
Prince Pop Art psychedlic portrait
Milton Glaser T-Shirt
Milton Glaser Cigarette Case
Self Portrait - Huba Mackenzie
Signed Copy
South African Airways in-flight magazine Sawubona
Stained Glass Glaser
Edward Scissorhands - Jennifer Cristao
Columbia poster
Bob Nobel Glaser
Based on Glaser
Danny 999
Jonathan 7: Kate _ Cosey
Calendar Design 2
Various Artists - Mojo: Dylan Covered
Steve Howe - Portraits Of Bob Dylan
Express, L' - Jul 3 1978, France
Bob Dylan Block Giant Wall Art Poster
Telerama, April 30 2005, France
Loteria cards - Alejandra Salazar
Lou Yanez's Guitar Art
Dylan - Aline Paciello
Drag Poster - Rachael Baumgartner
Magazine spread
The Many Faces of Bob Dylan by Ralph Gleason
And In The End
Color Me Cluttered - Coloring Book
Limoni Revolution: A Milton Glaser Dylan Poster rip off
Tami Impala - Sabrina O'Neil
Tad Carpenter - Bob Dylan & His Band
David Bowie - Maia Valenzuela
Funny Shirts dot org
Oil painting by ClassicFFL
Milton Glaser Directness
Matthew Clarke - Self Portrait
Pastiche Myself - Gulsah Cevikkalp
Bob Dylan And Philosophy
Poster in honor of Milton Glaser - Simona Rotella
Dylan Dad Dylan
Dylan Dad Dad
Where Am I Going With Design - Tiago Esteves
Calendar Design
Zurban, September 3 2000, France
Carla Rhodes
The movie poster for Ragtime, 1981
David McCune Gallery
Will Bryant -Lessons I learnt
Rock, Paper, Ink
Brooke Candy 1 - Madeline Kate Design
To Inform & Delight
Dive Into Spring
Robert Neumark Jones
Bernie Saunders Fundraiser (preview)
The Matisyahu Poster - Gillian Drier
You know That I'm No Good
I ♥ MG - Brishen VanderKolk
Coca Cola Poster
North Carolina Community College Poster
Live Music
Iain Hector - Bringin' It All Back Home
Dylan Avond Maassluis
Aubrey Beardsley x Milton Glaser
Pushpin Studio's
Bob Nobel Glaser #2
MoMA Poster, Milton Glaser style - Heidi Davis
Grandma playing old vinyl in the attic
Is Graphic Design Art? - Dissertation Poster
G. Bender
Gustav Klimt x Milton Glaser
Heather Jacket - Everyone's A Critic
Lou Yanez's Guitar Art # 2
Terraloire - Found Typography
Unknown (information needed)
I Love Beetle - Akshita Chandra
Pretty On The Outside
Barolo Concert Poster
Design History Book - Katherine Lee
Flight of the Conchords
Afiche de vía pública - Lulaa Corado
Mickey (by Dan Beltran)
Bastille - Bad Blood
Obama Poster
Glaser Cigarette Case
Nisha by Svagandr
Lost In Translation Magazine Page Layout
Brighton Festival Poster
Milton Glaser 1960 Design
A man of design - Grace Shore
John Lennon
Pipi Langstrumpf - Karen Cuthbert
Columbia Poster 1974
Superman - Matt Theodosopoulos
India Amos - No habit


More about Milton Glaser and his designs

We can imagine that not everybody has heard of Milton Glaser. Yet almost everybody is familiar with his work - we think. We all know the iconic I NY logo (recently updated to I NY more than ever).
Glaser designed more than 5000 book- and album covers, numerous posters, typefaces and all sorts of printed matter. Just perform a Google image search on the topic and be amazed.
One of the album covers that he designed is "Music from Big Pink", which we have covered in another article.

Marcel Duchamp 1957
Marcel Duchamp 1957 + Kaleidoscope
Sketch 1
Jerry Schatzberg
Sketch 2
Baby Teeth

The idea for the poster didn’t really drop from the sky 'though. It was based on a 1957 silhouette self-portrait by Marcel Duchamp that Duchamp had cut out of paper, combined with a kaleidoscope of psychedelic hair based on "certain forms of Islamic painting.” Glaser combined these two components in his own style.

Two sketches of the design circulate. One of these show Dylan with a harmonica holder. Dylan’s profile was copied from one of Jerry Schatzberg’s pictures.

My client is a Graphic Designer.

retour agence communication dylan ENThe Graphéine Agency has a wonderful website. Being a graphic- and web designer I visit this regularly.

Based on an initial idea of @MarieJulien the agency played the game of imagining customer feedback on mythical posters. The tone is exacerbated, and any resemblance to real and actual feedback is purely coincidental.
Connoisseurs, they're all over the place.

Click on the image for a larger view.


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