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Everybody has a Dylan story. And everybody's story is different. It could be the story of the first time you heard a Dylan song, your most memorable concert, the story about the reasons for collecting or even the story about how you met Bob Dylan "in the flesh". We call these stories "Cover Stories". Everybody has one.

In this corner of our website we have prepared a stage for those who want to share their tale.

Bless That Maid

Somewhere in the autumn of 1966 (I was 11 years old then) the music-bug bit me quite bad. Looking back now, more than fifty years later, I can totaly blame that teenage girl who helped my mother with her household work.

coverShe dressed differently from other girls we knew, smoked cigarettes that she rolled herself and while she was doing her job she listened to a pirate radio station. That music was unheard of in our home. She often told stories about the places she went to in the weekends and what she and her friends did. Those things made my mother sigh and look up to the sky.
One day, when my mother was out-of-town, she brought her record player and let me listen to her singles (Stones, Pretty Things, Troggs). She obviously didn’t like the Beatles and the Monkees (like I did). She also let me read her stacks of pop-music-magazines.

Alive in 1964 - revisited

Boston Symphony Hall from the southI haven't seen Dylan often, but did see him once in the 60s - and this is that story as seen from afar.

Bill Hester

Nick posed a wondering the other month when he sampled “Live 1964 – Concert at Philharmonic Hall” on his radio show - something along the lines that he had wondered what the people thought while hearing some of the Halloween concert songs for the first time especially the songs yet to be released on “Bringing It All Back Home”.

Symphony Hall, Boston MA

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