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Backstage passes... and how to get one

backstage passA backstage pass: everybody wants one because it has heeps of advantages. But then we all know that they’re given only to those who really need them. Mainly these passes are for the performers, stage crews, roadies, security guards, performer's agents. They will get backstage passes. Sometime relatives or close friends of performers, stage crew, promoters, etc. get them too.

Same here at Nobody Sings; if you want to have a look behind the curtain and see how it all works you need to "be on the list" and have a valid Backstage Pass.

How to get one?

Easy. Join the crew! Apply for any of these jobs and we will reward you with a backstage pass which you can use to log in into the secret backend of this website. You may then edit articles, upload images, cut and paste, crop and scale, publish and unpublish... and you get to meet the rest of the crew.

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