Who Changed The Climate?- Climate Change Songs

Not me, said the executive
of the powerplant company
We have followed all the regulations
The competition was tough
and we're no charity
There should have been taxes and legislations
Oh no, it wasn't me
said the president
both my hands were tied, and you know it
No I don't feel that good
when I realize what it meant
But with no support, I just couldn't do it
You say I let you down
you know it's not like that
I had to fight for my place and position
You say I'm responsible
but that's not where it's at
Without the votes, I'd been in opposition
Not me, the voter said
who elected the government
You know I was only one of many voices
I'm not the one who's bad
I'm really innocent
Can't you see, there were really no better choices
You got a lot of nerve
to say I am to blame
Don't you know, I just couldn't help it
I tried to live my life
with no regrets or shame
Don't you see, someone should have stopped it
The climate sceptic said
I just wanted a fair debate
When I was wrong, why just didn't you show it
If I'd been silent
we would still have been too late
It wouldn't have changed a thing, and you know it
Do you tell me we're helpless
and cannot make things shift
Tell me who's supposed to make things happen
Do you say we're on a ship
helplessly adrift
With neither steering wheel, nor crew nor captain



The theme of this song is inspired by Bob Dylan's Who Killed Davey Moore?, but the melody is from Positively 4th Street.

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