Six Degrees - Climate Change Songs

I love this earth, so plentiful, so full of life and love
I love seeing the sun go down, I love the stars above
I love the woods the meadows, the waves upon the sea
Every single leaflet is a miracle to me
Let every straw and seed, let all that fields can give     
Let all the fish and fowl, let all that makes us live
Let every little bird and bee, hear my solemn praise                    
Let all the life on land and sea be shielded by our grace                 
A hundred years ago this world was ruled by wilful kings     
now freedom and peace is what democracy brings           
The world has wavered weary under world war one and two
and then through a cold war we shivered scared anew  
But now we have a different threat, a warming war to wage
we can no more deny, we’re in the greenhouse age  
This time we have to face a more elusive enemy
whose appearance is the impotence of our society
This war is fought against all those who doesn’t want to see
who are opposing all we need to do and all that needs to be
The heroes of our time do not lie slain on battle ground
They fight by finding facts and then spreading them around/
Mark Lynas has got a gruesome story to tell
Degree by degree unvealing our descent to hell
although it may seem hopeless, a struggle with no cease
remember the fight for democracy and peace



A song about global warming and the love of this earth, inspired by Mark Lynas book Six Degrees and Bob Dylan's Wedding Song.

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