I Shall Be Free (2010 version) - Michael Miller of The Cedar Creek Boys

Well, I took me a woman late last night
I was three-fourths drunk she looked all right
'till she started peelin' off her onion gook
she put off her wig and said, "How do I look?"
it was Lady Gaga, she was butt naked, I was out the window
Well, I's out there paintin' on the old wood shed
when a can of brown paint it fell on my head
I went down there, I’s only to scrub and rub  
but I had to sit in back of the tub
I didn’t have my papers
cost a dollar
half price
Well, my telephone rang and it would not stop
it was President Obama callin' me up
he said: “My friend Mike, what do we need to make the country grow?”
I said: “My friend Barack...
Scarlett Johansson
Halle Berry
Penelope Cruz
country'll grow”
Well, late one night in the middle of the week
my eyes was closed, I was half asleep
now, I chased a woman right up the hill
right in the middle of a homeland security drill  
I jumped a laptop
I jumped an ipad
I jumped a taser
ooh, don’t taser me, bro   
Now, the man on the stand he wants my vote
he's a-runnin' for office on the ballot note
he's out there preachin' in front of the steeple
sayin’ he loves all kind of people
he's eatin' tacos
he's eatin' tofu
he's eatin' sushi
Well, I set me down on a television floor
and I turn the channel to one-o-four
this man comes on, starts to scream and yell
says all the liberals are going to hell  
he was foamin’
he was frothin’
he was scary
Well, you ask me why I'm drunk al the time
well It levels my head and it eases my mind
I just walk along and stroll and sing
I see better days, I do better things
I catch a shoe-bomber
I make love to Angelina Jolie
catch hell from Brad Pitt


  • Translated by: Michael Miller
  • Original Title: I Shall Be Free
  • Language: English
  • Recording date: 2010
  • Released: 2010

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