Day Of Grace - Climate Change Songs

A day will come, when everything's undone
and man will rise in pride and glory
there'll be dancing in the street, to celebrate this feat
on the day when the dragon's down
And a rain will fall, unto the thirsty ground
and the fires of the forests will be fading
and ices cease to melt, and everyone can tell
a new world is a-waking
And the sun will rise in grace, and bring joy to every face
and the colours of the corals will be sparkling      
and the species that are saved, will rejoice in dens and caves   
the day when the warming stops
And the former climate foes, will be staring at their toes
and the birds and the bees will be laughing
and a meter on the wall, shows how CO2 does fall
and the whole wide world is watching
Listen to the wind softly singing  
words of a world that has agreed
and the bells of hope start their ringing
and we celebrate the future to be
And the many who have stood up
whose steady struggle won this climate war
are praised and hailed as heroes  
Listen to the tide slowly turning
Wash all our worries away   
We're free from the fire that was burning
and from the ashes we will build another day



A global warning song to the tune of Bob Dylan's "When The Ship Comes In" and Justin Hayward's (Moody Blues) "The Story In Your Eyes"

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