Castle Of Doubt - Climate Change Songs

Is there no way out of here ?   
Asked the king with fright  
There are enemies all over  
I donĀ“t know what's wrong or right   
Droughts and floods and fires   
The queen was on her knees  
We are wasting this kingdom    
This warming has to cease  
No reason to get excited   
The sceptic slyly spoke   
It's just a full-scale experiment  
So we'll see if it's a joke       
Evolution or creation   
be that as it may   
but the life on earth is sacred  
exclaimed a man in grey     
We have all the solutions  
did the advisor sadly state   
but no one pays their contribution        
and soon it is too late   
Outside in the darkness   
the rain began to pound   
a child was seeking refuge   
and the ground was drowned



Bob Dylan's All Along the Watchtower with a global warming text.

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