Lars Larholm

lars larholmLars Larholm is a much appreciated Dylan- and Cohen interpreter in Sweden. Along with his own songs, Lars has for decades stood for an unusually honest artistry. Trends have come and gone, but Lars Larholms’ uniqueness has persisted.
Four of his interpretations can be found on the (now classic) album Stygt Regn by Blyga Lapper (1984). They are added as bonus tracks. Lars also released a cover album by himself: Stadsegrönt
On his SoundCloud profile you can listen to many fine interpretations of compositions of Cornelis Vreeswijk, Leonard Cohen and Dylan (see below). All these tracks are performed by a series of high-class musicians such as Olle Nyberg, Ulf Wakenius, Harald Svensson, Anders Hagberg, Mats Grundberg, Sara Edvardsson, Magnus Johansson, Rune Eurenius, Ivan Ward et al. Listen and enjoy!

Blyga Läppar - Styggt Regn

  • Blyga Läppar - Styggt Regn

    Blyga Läppar - Styggt Regn

    1. Styggt Regn (A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall)
    2. Som Om Ingenting Hänt (I Don’t Believe You)
    3. Senor (Señor)
    4. Flicka Från Norr(Girl of the North Country
    5. Fredens Man (Man of Peace)
    6. Joker, Du (Jokerman)
    7. En Flicka Som Du (Sweetheart Like You)
    8. Vill Du Ha Mig? (Is Your Love In Vain?)

Lars Larsholm - Städsegrönt

  • Larholm (med vänner), Lars  - Städsegrönt

    Larholm (med vänner), Lars - Städsegrönt

    1. Styggt Regn - A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall
    2. Kärlek Minus Noll/Ingen Gräns - Love Minus Zero/No Limit
    3. Ödet Än En Gång - Simple Twist Of Fate
    4. Till 7:e Himlen I 11:e Timmen - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
    5. Hon Är Min - She Belongs To Me
    6. Maggie's Farm
    7. Girl Of The North Country
    8. Señor
    9. Som Om Ingenting Hänt - I Don't Believe You
    10. Krigshetsare - Masters Of War
    11. Kyssar Till Trots*
    12. Summa Summarum Samma Rum*

Lars Larsholm's Soundcloud

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