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Knocked Out Loaded

Knocked Out Loaded

A minor Dylan mystery -where did the cover art from his 1986 album, "Knocked Out Loaded" originate? - has been solved nearly 30 years after its release. 

In June 2014, master researcher Scott Warmuth posted the cover of the January 1939 issue of pulp magazine "Spicy Adventure Stories" to his Facebook page without comment. But the image of a firecracker senorita about to crown a bandito with an earthen jug needed no explanation that it was the source for the album art.

Although the album cover was attributed to a Charles Sappington in the credits, Sappington was careful to distance himself from that credit in a 2009 interview with "The Houston Chronicle."

Q:Did you create the image for the album cover? Or just the design?

A: I created the package. However, the deal was at the time ... I promised them I wouldn’t talk about it. There was a reason, and it was legal. They had some legal problems with that cover. I suspect enough time has passed, but I have to stick to my word unless I get approval from the Dylan camp. (Note: Dylan’s camp had no comment.) What I can say is that Bob Dylan supplied the original image and then we distorted it from there.

knocked out loadedQ: Did you have much interaction with Dylan on the cover?

A: They originally had a photographer shoot some photos of Dylan and Tom Petty. I heard Dylan took a look and threw them all in the trash. The only thing he liked from the shoot was a Polaroid test shot, which is the first thing they gave me. I fiddled with that, but they didn’t care for it, and we went in a different direction. That’s the part I can’t talk about. But on the inside there were the thank-yous ...





bott553Blood On The Tracks

Now... imagine that Photoshop would've been available as a designers' production tool back in 1975.
And imagine also that the designer then came up with the same idea.

We would've had a pretty different sleeve then.

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