Steven Keene

steven keeneBorn in Brooklyn New York, Steven Keene began his career by playing Folk Clubs and cafes in Greenwich Village in the early 90's. He crisscrossed the streets of McDougal and Bleecker playing open mikes, hootenanny's and small clubs.

In 1990 Steven released his first album, "Keene On Dylan" with Bob Dylan band members Howie Wyeth and Rob Stoner (Desire/Rolling Thunder) – an eclectic mix of originals, covers and traditionals.

Steven released his second album, "No Alternative", on Moo Records in 1995 featuring Bob Dylan band members Tony Garnier, John Jackson and Bucky Baxter. He also played a tune on this album, "Only Homeless" with Danny Kalb, legendary musician from the 60's Village scene. "No Alternative" was distributed through BMG in Europe and a video soon followed for the single, "Far Better Friend than Lover" which appeared on MTV Europe. Steven toured Europe backed by BMG's press and promotion.

In 2001 Steven released "Set Clock" on Moo Records which received praise in the local New York press. He was featured on Vin Scelsa's "Idiot's Delight" and toured as well to promote the album.

With the advent of war, Steven wrote a protest song entitled, "How Much Blood's In A Barrel". The song received extensive airplay in the US and was picked up and released by ZYX Music in Europe, along with two other protest songs, "Two Twins" and "Top Gun". The 3 song Maxi CD has been distributed throughout Europe.

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No Alternative

  • Keene, Steven - No Alternative

    Keene, Steven - No Alternative

    1. Rocks And Gravel*
    2. Never Say Goodbye
    3. Walking Down the Line
    4. Two Twins*
    5. Far Better Friend Than Lover*
    6. Top Gun*
    7. Save Yourself*
    8. Sign On The Window
    9. Hang Me*
    10. Borderline*
    11. Sweet Angeline*
    12. Until You*
    13. Call Me When*
    14. Texas New York*
    15. Let It Be Me, Once Again*
    16. Only Homeless*
    17. You Don't Know Me*

Keene On Dylan Demos

Keene On Dylan

  • Keene, Steven - Keene On Dylan

    Keene, Steven - Keene On Dylan

    1. Far Better Friend Than Lover*
    2. What Was It You Wanted
    3. Love Minus Zero/No Limit
    4. Farewell Angelina
    5. In Berlin*
    6. Pretty Peggy-O
    7. I Want You
    8. The Times Have Changed*
    9. Babe You're Not the One*
    10. Isis
    11. What About Love*
    12. It's All Over Now Baby Blue
    13. Talkin' Bob Dylan Imitators Contest Massacre, Disaster, Paranoid Blues - Live at The Speakeasy NYC 7/18/89
    1. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Lot to Cry
    2. Man of Constant Sorrow*
    3. Dead Man, Dead Man
    4. I'll Be There for You*
    5. I Trusted You*
    6. Queen Jane Approximately
    7. Gates of Eden
    8. Certainly, Definitely, Only Yesterday*
    9. Sweet Love of Mine*
    10. Top Gun*
    11. Shelter from the Storm
    12. Talkin' Bout You*
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