Pictures or scans of Cover Album Covers

art work missing

Many of the images are missing or not in the best resolution. If you can provide missing images or upgrade bad ones to a 600x600px resolution... that would be wonderfull. Please push the button!

Yes, I'll do that!

Google Alert Master

On the "home-page" of this website you see a section with the title "They're planting cover stories in the press...".

google alerts

Every day we receive a load of links by means of Google Alerts. We keep the ones that apply to covers. Some of them we pass on to Karl-Erik of Expecting Rain and the remainder is thrown away.
If you want to get the latest news 1st... then this is a job fit for you!

 Send me that Backstage Pass!

A Filemaker- and/or Joomla Geek

It would be wonderful if I had a "buddy". Someone which whom I could share passwords with. Someone who could save all data when my house got on fire.
Someone to trust passwords to.
I am a Filemaker geek. So I have stored all data in a Filemaker 14 Database. There is an odbc connection between the FM server (OSX) to the webserver (MySQL).
All data is accesible with phpMyAdmin.
The website is built with Joomla. I use ZOO and UIkit to present the views.


 If some of these terms sound familiar to you AND you would like to help... then please push the button

It's Me You're Lookin' For

Locate Cover-video's on YouTube and Vimeo

There a thousands of Dylan-covers published on YouTune and Vimeo. Thousands!

youtube vimeo

Your help with this is appreciated. Here is an Excel file that You can use to send me information about covers that are not yet on this site.
Please copy the name of the song, the artist, the "share" link and additional info in the right columns and send it back to me.
All the glory is yours!

I love to watch Youtube!

Soundcloud Gatherer

Who'd like to download (or record) from soundcloud once a month and import and tag the songs in iTunes?

If you'd like to contribute in that way... please push the button!

I like to do that job!


English is not my native tongue. I really need someone to correct me. A diplomatic person with a red pencil.

red pencil

I will help!


breaking news

A new album with a cover version, noteworthy items on YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud, Tribute Shows, A Theatre Play... any news related to Cover Versions of Bob Dylan's Song is fit to be published here. The button leads to a small form. Use it!

Planting Stories In The Press? Yes!

Translate (provide translated lyrics)

Many of the translated covers omit the written lyrics. We are in particular in need of collectors from every country but the USA or The Netherlands. So, if you're from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, etc..
If you feel that you can contribute some omitting lyrics, then please push this button:

I Can Do Those In My Native Tongue

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