Freek de Jonge

freekFreek de Jonge (born 30 August 1944) is a Dutch cabaret performer and writer. At age 11, Freek had his first performance on stage. After barely making it through high school, he studied cultural anthropology in Amsterdam. Besides performing in cabaret duo Neerlands Hoop he has written the novels Zaansch Veem (1987), Neerlands Bloed (1991) and Opa's Wijsvinger (1993). He has been the host of some television shows and wrote two films: De Illusionist (1983) and De Komediant (1986). He also wrote a hip hop song with Dutch rapper Brainpower. In 1994, Freek de Jonge started to work with the band The Nits. Under the name Frits, they performed covers of old Neerlands Hoop songs, translated Nits songs and newly written material. An album was released in 1995: Dankzij de Dijken. Freek de Jonge continued to work with their keyboard player Robert Jan Stips: Stips released two albums: Gemeen Goed in 1997 then Rapsodia in 1998. An uplifting cover of Bob Dylan's Death is not the end reached the first place of the Dutch charts in 1997.

Veldhuis & Kemper

Freek's version of Death is not the End had many versions. The text is always a comment on actual happenings in the Dutch news.
In november 2014 Dutch cabaret duo Veldhuis & Kemper started to take Freek's version to not only comically react on the news but also bash Freek. It was aired live in the popular radio-program ‘Evers Staat Op’ on RADIO 538. Apart from a summer break it was a monthly feature for just over a year.
In april 2015 they did a special edition called “Leven Na De Show” to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the radio-show.
Almost two years earlier, in January 2013, in the same radio-show an unknown singer reacted on a worldwide doping scandal in the cycling sport with a version called ‘Leven Na De Dope’.


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