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Hollies sing Dylan

holliesHollies Sing Dylan is a 1969 cover album where the Hollies sing Bob Dylan songs. It was also released in the US as Words and Music by Bob Dylan with a different cover but using the same band image and track order. First released on compact disc in West Germany in the late 1980s, it was not released in that format in the rest of Europe until 1993. For this issue, two bonus tracks, the single version of "Blowin' in the Wind" and a live version of "The Times They Are a-Changin'". A later remastered issue in 1999 added a third bonus track, a live version of "Blowin' in the Wind".

This album was recorded and released following Graham Nash's departure from the band to join David Crosby and Stephen Stills in December 1968 after early sessions for a follow-up to the psychedelic concept album, Butterfly broke down. Nash became frustrated when the other band members showed opposition to lyrics in his latest compositions. By that time, Nash was the only member of the band using LSD and marijuana and a rift was forming between him and his beer drinking band-mates:

I'd written what I thought were some interesting songs at that time — 'Marrakesh Express', 'Right Between the Eyes', 'Lady of the Island' — and the Hollies weren't interested in them. And when I said in the first 'Sleep Song' for instance, 'I'll take off my clothes and I'll lay by your side', they said, 'Hey, you can't bloody sing that. We're not going to sing that filthy stuff.' Saying those things to a stoned musician is ridiculous.

Nash quickly became disillusioned with the direction that the band was moving artistically and especially derided their decision to record an entire album of covers:

This happened at the same time they wanted to make an album with Dylan tunes. I thought even that was a sacrilege, because we were doing them like [Graham starts singing "Blowing in the Wind" in swing fashion, snapping his fingers]: 'How many roads, yeah, would a...' — a Las Vegas type thing, and it was driving me nuts. I couldn't handle it.

There have been claims that the album was hated by fans and critics alike. However it peaked at no. 3 in the UK, their third highest showing for any LP and second-highest charting for one with newly recorded material. Nevertheless, the group's next album was titled Hollies Sing Hollies in an apparent move to placate critics. In an interview for Billboard magazine in 1974, Clarke reflected on the album:

At the time I was pleased with the album but on reflection, I don't think it was a good move for the Hollies. People knocked it, saying, 'How could they ever relate to Dylan?' We thought we'd do it for Hollies fans, but I was really just reading Dylan's words, not singing them. I could have been a lot better.

Produced by Ron Richards
Photography: Ron Richards, Brian Newton

Banjo & Lead Guitar: Tony Hicks.
Bass Guitar, Piano & Organ: Bernard Calvert.
Rhythm Guitar: Terry Sylvester.
Drums and Percussion: Bobby Elliott.
Harmonica: Allan Clarke.
Vocal on all tracks: Tony Hicks, Alan Clarke and Terry Sylvester

Words and Music By Bob Dylan
Hollies Cantan Canciones de Bob Dylan
Hollies Cantan Dylan

Side One
When The Ship Comes In
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
I Want You
This Wheel's On Fire
I Shall Be Released
Blowin' In The Wind **

Side Two
Quit Your Lowdown Ways
Just Like A Woman *
The Times They Are A-Changin'
All I Really Want To Do
My Back Pages *
The Mighty Quinn *

Note: All issues shown have the same track order

** With Accompaniment Arr. & Cond. by Mike Vickers
* With Accompaniment Arr. & Cond. by Lou Warburton

holl uk1holl uk3holl uk2A. Parlophone PMC 7078 (mono) / PCS 7078 (stereo)  (UK)
B. original issue black & yellow label
C. rear sleeve

Parlophone/EMI PCS 7078  (UK, 1978 reissue)

holl us1Epic BN 26447  (USA, 1969; as Words And Music by Bob Dylan, yellow labels)
Epic BN 26447  (USA, reissued w/same cover, different labels)
Epic BN 26447  (Canada, mid-70s; reissue w/same cover, orange labels)



holl us3original yellow / 70s reissue orange / 80s reissue blue labels




holl us2rear sleeve




US LP Credits

(A "Hollies" Recording)
Produced by Ron Richards
Allan Clarke - lead singer
Tony Hicks - lead guitar, vocals
Terry Sylvester - rhythm guitar, vocals
Bobby Elliott - drums
Bernie Calvert - bass guitar, piano
Cover design: James Cook
The sleeve notes on the US LP were arranged into five "Thoughts,"  the first four of which are a general critique of The Hollies. Reprinted below is Thought #5 which is specific to the Words And Music By Bob Dylan album:

Thought #5: Few groups would dare to tackle an album of Bob Dylan's songs, let alone be able to pull it off.  Despite Dylan's magnificent presence, this is still a Hollies album.  The fact that most of the material is familiar should help people who have been into other things to see the beauty in The Hollies' very original approach.  My favorites are the good-timey "When The Ship Comes In," the intense "This Wheel's On Fire" and "I Shall Be Released," and the gospel-ish "Quit Your Lowdown Ways," but for sheer guts the most impressive cut is probably "Blowin' In The Wind" on which The Hollies manage to be intimidated neither by Dylan's vesion nor by the hit arrangement by Peter, paul and Mary; somehow they can bring freshness even to one of the most familiar tunes in pop history.  Although it focuses on the writing of only one composer, The Hollies' Words And Music By Bob Dylan has tremendous depth and variety.
I have been shouting unabashedly about The Hollies for years. Maybe this time it will make a difference.

John Gabree - High Fidelity

hollr2r1hollr2r2hollr2r3Epic HN 662  (USA, 1969)  Reel-to-Reel Tape album

Liner notes were included on insert sheet

Other International LPs

hollies other 1

  1. World Record Club S/5565  (Australia)
  2. Regal/EMI  SREG 30194 and WRC 1598M (New Zealand, 1976 reissue); EMI  PCSP-4000  (Australia)
  3. Hansa 79637 IT  (Germany)
  4. Polydor  2459 164   (Germany,"Rocky Collection" reissue)
  5. Odeon LDC-36742  (Chile, asHollies Cantan Canciones de Bob Dylan, 1970; titles in English with Spanish translations on rear, English only on labels.)
  6. Ariel M-4046 (Argentina, labels & rear sleeve titled Hollies Cantan Dylan, titles in Spanish with English translations, rear & labels. Front of sleeve same as A)

NOT SHOWN.Odeon/EMI SURL 20601 (Uruguay, 1969, titled Hollies Sing Dylan, titles in Spanish with English translations, rear & labels. Front of sleeve same as A)

Title Translations

English Title Argentina LP Chile LP Uruguay LP
When The Ship Comes In Cuando El Barco Entra Cuando Entre El Barco Cuando llega el barco
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Sere Tu Nena Esta Noche Esta Noché Sere Tu Amor Seré tu nena ersta noche
I Want You Te Necesito Te Deseo Te deseo
This Wheel's On Fire Ruedas de Fuego Ruedas En Llamas Ruedas de fuego
I Shall Be Released Sere Liberado Seré Liberado Seré libre
Blowin' In The Wind Soplando en El Viento Soplando El Viento Soplando en el viento
Quit Your Lowdown Ways Mantente Bajo Tu Camino Deja Esos Malos Modales Aleja tus pesares
Just Like A Woman Justo Como Una Mujer Sólo Como Una Mujer Como unba mujer
The Times They Are A-Changin' Los Tiempos Estan Cambiando Los Tiempos Están Cambiando Los tiempos en que hay cambios
All I Really Want To Do Todo Lo Que Realmente Puedo Hacer Todo Lo Que Quiero Hacer Realmente Todo lo que realmente quiero hacer
My Back Pages Mis Ultimas Paginas Mis Páginas de Atrás Mis páginas traseras
The Mighty Quinn Poderoso Quinn El Poderoso Quinn Mighty Quinn

Other international editions:

Parlophone PCS 7078  (S.E.Asia/Hong Kong/Malaysia, same as A)
Parlophone PCS 7078  (The Netherlands, same as A)
Parlophone PCS 7078, Parlophone PCSM 6047  (New Zealand, same as A)
Parlophone PCSO 7078  (Australia, same as A)
Odeon OP-8754  (Japan, cover unknown)

hollies other 2

Row 1, l.t.r.:

Polydor 837 874-2, (Germany, first CD release)
EMI  0777 7 81330 2 5, (Europe, 1993 [UK# CZ-520] with 2 bonus tracks)
Toshiba-EMI  TOCP-7730, (Japan, 1993,  with 2 bonus tracks)
Note titles are wider than the original LP. Notes by Bobby Elliott
+ Group photo from the '93 CD. Graham Nash (left) appears only on the 2 bonus tracks.

1993 CD Bonus Tracks:

Blowin' In The Wind (single version, recorded August 1968)
The Times They Are A Changin' (Live at Lewisham Odeon, London, May 1968)

Added 1993 CD Credits:

Album compiled by Vic Lanza
Digitally remastered by Steven Rooke and Vic Lanza
Re-issue package design by Phil Smee

Row 2, l.t.r.:

EMI  7243 5 20131 2 8 (Europe, 1999 [UK# 520 1312], digipak, digital remaster,NO bonus tracks)
Added 1999 CD Credits:  Digitally remastered by Peter Mew at Abbey Road Studios, London, Spring 1999.  Series devised by Nigel Reeve;  Produced for release by Lucy Jordache

Toshiba/EMI TOCP-67125 (Japan, 3/23/2004)
Hollies Sing Dylan, Plus mini-LP sleeve, wth the 2 bonus tracks as 1993 CD + 12 Hollies non-Dylan tracks

Row 3 l.t.r.:

digipack back/front
Magic Records  3930540 (France, 2005) "Remastered in High Definition 24-Bit"
digipack inside

This 2005 reissue has the 2 bonus tracks as the earlier CDs, plus a 3rd bonus track of the live Blowin' In The Wind. No details given but probably the 1982 Live in Mainz version that appeared on the 1984 German LP 20 Years (see  below) and also on the 1988 CD-single "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother."

UK 12/2006 reissue: EMI: 7243-5-28246-2-5  (no bonus tracks, original UK artwork)

Picture Sleeve 45's

hollies other 3


Parlophone 5.C006.04137 M  (Netherlands, 1969)
Hansa  14 366 AT (Germany, 1969)
Parlophone  8E 016 91423 (Portugal EP, 1969, 4 tracks)*
Ariel A-549 (Argentina EP, 1969, 4 tracks)

*The Portuguese EP is untitled, the Dylan songs (I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  + Mighty Quinn) are the 3rd & 4th tracks
The Argentina EP has 4 Dylan tracks: I Want You,  I'll Be Your Baby Tonight,  Quit Your Lowdown Ways,  All I Really Want To Do.

Other Hollies Covers

holl20yr20 Years

Polydor  (Germany, 1984)
Compilation LP with live version of Blowin' In The Wind
Rec. 2/23/82 Live in Mainz Germany

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