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stumpzianStart a Google-query for “Stumpzian Farber”. Just “Stumpzian” will do just as well (as there won't be many others with a name like this). You will get about a thousands results, most of these will be linking to Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud and to his comments and remarks on other people’s blogs. There’s also a link to the “Cover Me Archives”. But there it stops. You won’t find a biography or clues to who he is and where he lives (we didn’t).

On YouTube we’ve found his “covers”. But are these covers? Aren't these a sort of personal comments on Dylan’s songs? Is this man covering Sebastian Cabot? We can’t tell, really. But they are "different", so to speak. Definitly not mainstream.
This, and the mere fact that there were twenty covers on his Youtube channel, justified our decision to honour Stumpzian with an own page in the Featured Artists' category.
We think it is interesting. In fact… we think it is so 'different' that, if he personally reacts to this post, in the comment section below, we are willing to offer Stumpzian Farber an own corner on this website. His own video-blog/comment/whateverhe wants page.

 What are we talking about?


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