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Lars-Göran Ludwig "Ferne" Fernebring, born on 19 September 1951, is a Swedish musician, journalist and author. Ferne became known in the 1970's as one half of a duo that he formed in Lund with Gunnar Danielsson. In Bonniers Rock Dictionary, we read that ''The group performed a series of almost legendary live performances, an unusually satirical and humorous element of the  music movement of the 1970's". After the breaking up of the duo in 1976, Ferne continued to produce records and created many projects of his own.

In 1982 he made the LP Snapphanar, eight songs about the swedification of Scania during the 17th century. [3] [4] The album was highly publicized in the press and resulted in numerous TV spots, including Sydnytt and Lasse Holmqvist series "Inns of Skåne" . Together with an ensemble of regional musicians in Kristianstad Ferne made 120 concerts in Rikskonserter directed at schools, libraries and museums.

After a break with music from 1983 to the early 2000s, Ferne returned in 2003 with three new music productions. In 2003, his first CD of Dylan interpretations: Inte ens ett farväl - Dylan på svenska (Living in the Past, LIPCD002), 13 interpretations of Bob Dylan's songs to Swedish. In 2006, the CD Musik för frånskilda, (same band playing Dylan interpretations, plus drums) which lacks distribution and therefore only the author can provide information about how to get hold of it. In 2013 Lars Fernebring published a new CD of Dylan interpretations, ten years after the first. It's called " Ödets Nyckfullhet" and also contains 13 interpretations and was nominated for the "Årets Visa" ("Song of the Year") at the alternative Grammy Gala at Nalen in Stockholm in spring 2014.

The two cover albums

  • Ferne (Lars Fernebring) - Inte ens ett farväl - Dylan på svenska

    Ferne (Lars Fernebring) - Inte ens ett farväl - Dylan på svenska

    1. Mannen i svart (Man in the Long Black Coat)
    2. Men va fan, det får gå (Don't Think Twice, It's All Right)
    3. När dagen sakta vaknar (Mr. Tambourine Man)
    4. En kopp kaffe till (One More Cup of Coffee)
    5. Fridens man (Man of Peace)
    6. Hon väljer själv i alla fall (Love Minus Zero/No Limit)
    7. Som en fisk på land (Like a Rolling Stone)
    8. Hon finns alltid kvar (If You See Her Say Hello)
    9. Snart minns ingen längre vem du var (It's All Over Now, Baby Blue)
    10. Vänner (Positively 4th Street)
    11. Vänd dej om och gå (Is Your Love in Vain?)
    12. Du där, du där (Dead Man, Dead Man)
    13. Varje litet frö (Every Grain of Sand)
  • Fernebring, Lars - Ödets nyckfullhet - Bob Dylan På Svenska

    Fernebring, Lars - Ödets nyckfullhet - Bob Dylan På Svenska

    1. Vägen utan spår (Señor)
    2. Jag försvinner (Going, going, gone)
    3. Allt är försent (Mississippi)
    4. Kommer du imorgon (Meet me in the morning)
    5. Mannen i svart (Man in the long black coat)
    6. När dagen sakta vaknar (Mr tamboruine man)
    7. Skuggorna växer (Not dark yet)
    8. Det var då (Things have changed)
    9. Ödets nyckfullhet (Simple twist of fate)
    10. Hon finns alltid kvar (If you see her, say hello)
    11. Men va fan det får gå (Don't Think twice, it's alright)
    12. Hon väljer själv i alla fall (Love minus zero, no limit)
    13. Världen utanför (Shelter from the storm)
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