Wild Wolf

Now the ruins are barely rolling
And the nations can't agree
On all that all the nations
But nobody feels very sorry for me
If I lost everything of all the saving grace
Yeah, but I can't help this smog
The day I feel it
She sure is standing
Now the holy book is written
Oh, what page
All are there
And as for a natural warning
But nobody done yet understand
Just like Pharaoh and his armies
They were made of a solid breath, yeah, and
That old bad wolf's gonna howl his way from morning
Holed in some big cavern
I would sit and wait, calling my children outside
But I just don't mean to hesitate
And if I was a master leader
I would attempt to laugh and rage
Yet the wild wolf he's big old bad
And not a babe



As with many of the “new” songs on the Complete Basement Tapes release there are no official lyrics available. The technical quality of these songs is, especially for non-native english speakers such as we, too big a threshold to make anything comprehensive out of what we hear.
Therefore we are very sorry: This is all there is.

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