Silent Weekend

  1. My baby is giving me a silent weekend. She's off partying somewhere and telling me I have to put up with it. I am in misery.
  2. She surprised me with her decision to go rockin' and rollin' and swingin' with some other guys.
  3. I wish Monday would come. She's uppity, rollin', in the groove and strollin' over to the jukebox, and not with me, but with the aforementioned other guys.
  4. I've been thinking about cheating, and maybe I did cheat some. (And here comes the weird stuff) "But I just walloped a lotta pizza after makin' our peace, puts ya down on bended knees."
  5. I hate this silent weekend. (And now more weirdness) "Man alive, I'm burnin' up on my brain. She knows when I'm just teasin', But it's not likely in the season to open up a passenger train."



As with many of the “new” songs on the Complete Basement Tapes release there are no official lyrics available. The technical quality of these songs is, especially for non-native english speakers such as we, too big a threshold to make anything comprehensive out of what we hear.
Therefore we are very sorry: This is all there is.

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