All-American Boy

I split for Memphis where they say 'you all'
And them swinging cats are a havin a ball.
Yeah, they love me down there, guitar picks and all.
I was rocking and bopping and getting all the breaks,
And the girls all said that I had what it takes,
When up steps a man with a big cigar. He said. "Come here, kid.
I'm gonna make you a star."
Put you on "Bandstand', buy you a cadillac. Sign here, kid."
So I signed my name and became a star, having a ball with my guitar.
Driving a big, long cadillac. And fighting the girls off'n my back.
But they just keep a comin, screaming, they love it.
So I picked my guitar with a great big grin
And the money just kept on rollin in.
And then one day my Uncle Sam said (thump, thump, thump) "here I am!

Dylan and The Band kept the basic structure when they recorded it during the Basement Tapes sessions in upstate New York, but it sounds like wine, whiskey and weed, along with the relaxed atmosphere and Dylan's penchant during the sessions for trying out all kinds of nonsense lyrics, produced a new song:

Well, I bought me a guitar, put it in tune
Went out there the month of June
'Twas a hot dog night and a stick in a roar
Everybody was a-down on this side.
There was a holy cow (holy cow)
Mean cow (mean cow)
Double jaw (double jaw)
Cow (cow).


Yes, you'll be makin' 'em little girlies giggle
You'll be makin' 'em all just jump up an' down an' wiggle
Empty their socks, in their britches
All you'll find that soon you'll be itches.
Itches all over
Itch in your pants
Itch while you dance
Itchin' on down to the corn' of France.



As with many of the “new” songs on the Complete Basement Tapes release there are no official lyrics available. The technical quality of these songs is, especially for non-native english speakers such as we, too big a threshold to make anything comprehensive out of what we hear.
Therefore we are very sorry: This is all there is.

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