Farewell to the Gold

Bob's version, see left


  • Writer(s): Paul Metsers
  • Date: Monday, 02 November 1992
  • Venue: Stanbaugh Auditorium
  • City: Youngstown
  • State: OH
  • 1

Although people claim Paul Metsers (who wrote "Farewell to the Gold") as a New Zealander, he started out in The Netherlands and ended up in England.

b. 27 November 1945, Noordwijk, Holland. In 1952, Metsers emigrated to New Zealand and was influenced by the American folk music that was available on record during the 60s. He bought his first guitar in 1963, and soon started writing songs. Metsers arrived in the UK in 1980, and spent almost two years touring round in a Volkswagen camper playing ‘floor spots’ in folk clubs to get himself noticed. He was rewarded with club and festival bookings the length and breadth of the country."

The video is taken from the Workshop Sessions live recordings, this is Paul Metsers' best known song: it has been covered by Bob Dylan, Nic Jones and countless others. Here, for the first time on video, is Paul singing the haunting 'Farewell to the Gold'.


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Customer Feedback (2)

  • Bill Hester

    Bill Hester

    06 June 2016 at 22:12 | #

    And Bob in his role as DJ on his Theme Time Radio Hour (season 3 episode 1 "Money") played the Nic Jones version of Farewell to the Gold and in his DJ patter said the following....
    That was Farewell to the Gold by Nic Jones, a song that was actually written by Paul Metsers, who said this about the origin of the song.

    “There’s no mystery source for it, no distant broadside or doggerel from where it gained it’s inspiration, it all came out of my head as it happens. I was reading the small but fascinating book called the Gold Fields of Central Otago where I read of the tragic flash flood of July of 63, 1863. I knew I had the basis of a story, I invented a young man who teams up with an equally imaginary experienced old prospector who I called Jimmy Williams, who had dreams of riches to come. Jimmy is lost to the sudden waters while the youngster survives to tell the tale, that’s it.”

    Well, thanks Paul, you took all the mystery out of it.


  • Bill Hester

    Bill Hester

    16 June 2016 at 01:57 | #

    and one more bit of trivia about this song performed only once by Dylan in public, it is also the only known song sung by Dylan written by a New Zealand (at the time) songwriter.


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