All or Nothing at All

All or Nothing at All

All or nothin' at all
Half a love never appealed to me
If your heart, it never could yield to me
Then I'd rather, rather have nothin' at all

I said all, nothin' at all
If it's love, there ain't no in-between
Why begin then cry for somethin' that might have been
No I'd rather, rather have nothin' at all

Hey, please don't bring your lips close to my cheek
Don't you smile or I'll be lost beyond recall
The kiss in your eyes, the touch of your hand makes me weak
And my heart, it may grow very dizzy and fall

And if I fell under the spell of your call
I would be, be caught in the undertow
Well, you see, I've got to say "No, no, no"
All or nothin' at all

And if I fell, fell under the spell of your call
Don't you know I would be caught in the undertow?
So, you see, I just got to say "No, no"
All or nothin' at all

All or nothin' at all


  • Writer(s): Arthur Altman, Jack Lawrence

  • (First) Album Release: Fallen Angels
  • Released: 2016

andrew altmanArthur Altman (1910, Brooklyn – January 18, 1994, Lake Worth, Florida) was an American songwriter whose credits include "All or Nothing at All", with lyrics by Jack Lawrence, and the lyrics for "All Alone Am I", "I Will Follow Him", and "Truly, Truly True". Altman studied violin and began his professional career as a violinist with the CBS Radio Orchestra. His first nationally known song was "Play Fiddle Play", which he wrote in the early 1930s for the orchestra leader Emory Deutsch.
Among the 400 songs he wrote, "All or Nothing at All" appears on more than 180 albums recorded by more than 150 artists including Count Basie, John Coltrane, Bing Crosby, Bobby Darin, Ella Fitzgerald, Jimmy Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey, Harry James, Oscar Peterson, Frank Sinatra, and Sarah Vaughan.

jack lawrenceJack Lawrence was born Jacob Louis Schwartz in Brooklyn, New York to an Orthodox Jewish family of modest means as the third of four sons. His parents Barney (Beryl) Schwartz and Fanny (Fruma) Goldman Schwartz were first cousins who had run away from their home in Belaya Tserkov (Bila Tserkva, Ukraine) to come to America in 1904.
Lawrence wrote songs while still a child, but because of parental pressure after he graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School, he enrolled in the First Institute of Podiatry where he received a doctoral degree in 1932. The same year, his first song was published and he immediately decided to make a career of songwriting rather than podiatry. That song, "Play, Fiddle, Play", won international fame and he became a member of ASCAP that year at age 20.


wikipedia compAll information about composers was found on Wikipedia.

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