dylan suit 2This website offers information about compositions of Bob Dylan which are performed by other artists. We don't offer downloads. We only offer data. That's all. It is no trade mark of quality for the ones which are included on the site. There are good ones, terrible ones and just about everything in-between. Those which are included on this website are not there because they are "better" in any way than the ones which are not (yet) included.

The fact that some covers are here and others are not is simple due to the fact that we (the editors and the webmaster) are not aware of their existence (yet). This brings us to you and your responsibillity. If you know about a cover version of a Dylan composition that isn't included in this database then please don't be pissed. Just write us an email in which you may explain how deeply you were disappointed. Maybe first take note of our set of rules. And don't forget to attach all relevant information so we can correct our failure and make you happy again. We are used to make mistakes. We fail all the time. But you can help us do better. Remember: after all we are not alone in this world... we must help each other. And yes: we are our brothers keepers!

Oh... you will probably notice that a lot of the information sucks. Most of it is incomplete and full of errors. If this bothers you then please do something about it. Send corrections and additions. Thus acting will prevent others to feel miserable too.

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