A Conversation With Milton Glaser As His Iconic, Psychedelic Bob Dylan Poster Turns 50

glaser 2017Dylan's Greatest Hits was released March 27, 1967—rushed out the door by his record label, Columbia, between the release of two other albums, the earth-shaking Blonde on Blonde and the lovely, underrated John Wesley Harding.

Between March 1965 and December 1967, Dylan released no fewer than four classic albums—including Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited—in addition to the five-time platinum Greatest Hits. In those heady years of the mid-Sixties, any number of bands sold more records than Dylan, but no other musical act on the planet—not the Beatles, not the Stones, not Hendrix, no one—was more influential.

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  • The movie poster for Ragtime, 1981

The movie poster for Ragtime, 1981

The movie poster for Ragtime, 1981

The first modern graphic design silhouette profile was created during the Hippie revolution. Milton Glaser's Dylan poster bridged the transition between the traditional silhouette form to a form of expression. The classic image of Dylan's profile with flowing technicolor locks has become one of the icons of the Sixties.

The movie poster for Ragtime, 1981 weaves the lives and passions of a middle class family into racial tensions, infidelity, violence, and other nostalgic events of 1906 America.

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