James - The Facebook Blues

Back in November, my parody song/video Bob Dylan's Facebook Blues, which had garnered for me over 96,000 views, hundreds of subscribers and comments.

It was removed for supposed copyright infringement because I had reworded the song as a parody. It was made in good faith without malice or intent, and with an honest understanding of parody as a defence in copyright law.

I was given no notice, no warning, no attempt at negotiation. To the best of my understanding of copyright law and parodies, the claim was borderline, given there were dozens more videos parodying BD and that song/video in particular. It was removed and a strike put against my account.

I have thus taken the liberty of composing & recording a Dylan-esque song in that uptempo, non-sensical wordy style but in a DIFFERENT key with a DIFFERENT chord progression, a DIFFERENT melody and a DIFFERENT arrangement (I recorded the guitars, drums and vocals myself). Also, Ive changed the title as this was supposedly one of their reasons for taking my video rather than dozens of others - if you actually think this is Bob Dylan, you are an idiot.

I'm sorry to all who had favourited it only to have it deleted. I actually like this version more than the original one I did, so I hope you do too.


Joined a group that loves Rent
Interested in women
How do you know this friend?
Colbert For President
Draftin a wall post
Work had the page blocked
Message in your inbox
Would you like a Friend Block?
Look out kid!
That applications shit!
God knows when
Youll ever need it again
You better check out the marketplace
Play some Texas Hold-Em
A guy you met once in college
Adds an event
A toga party at Bills
Youll maybe attend

Photo of a hot bird
WonderBra, no skirt
But its just an advert
For data entry work
Add it to your PDA
Witty status updates
Must check em every day
Would you like a Nickname?
Look out kid
That applications shit!
Hide your work info
Dont add Poke Pro
Mentioned in a new note
Pick your favourite Scrubs quote
Watch a video
Tagged in a photo
Kinda like MySpace
Without as many emos

Aw, Friend Grid, Friend Wheel
Friend Wall, Fun Wall
Super Wall, Wall-to-wall
I think Ive got too many walls
Your profiles private
Would you be a pirate
A werewolf, zombie
Or vampire maybe?
Oh, look out kid!
That applications shit
Movie quiz leaders
Rock paper scissors
So your mini-feed says
The girl by the whirlpool
You hooked up in high school
If I was a stripper
My named be Honey Dripper

Ah birthday remind
Online at ten oh nine, Obamas fine,
Take a quiz, make a list
Show all of your interests
Shag her, shoot him, free gifts
Futurama Addicts
New notification
You wanna add Superlatives?
Look out kid!
That applications shit
No longer listed as single
But actually Im single
I just dont want my profile
To say Im really single
I think Im done
Adding pics to an album
Screw all of this,
I think Ill just go call someone

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