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YMCA Humber's #GivingTuesday - Subterranean Homeless Blues

For #GivingTuesday, young people and volunteers at our youth club in Immingham got together for a charitable take on the classic Bob Dylan video 'Subterranean Homesick Blues'.

It embraces the concept of an #unselfie. The messages reflect the work of YMCA in the Humber Region.

Johnny's in the basement,
Crashing on a mattress,
Susie's on the pavement,
Lobbying the government,
The man in a sleeping bag,
Job's gone, laid off,
Says he's gone to sign on,
Wants to get back to work
Look out kid,
They'll say is something you did,
We don't know when,
But they're saying it again,
You better head down to YMCA,
Lookin' for a fresh start,
A person behind a desk,
Will help you out of this mess,
Doesn't want all your money,
Just wants you to to get well.

Kathy comes fleet foot,
Life's stuck in a rut,
Must learn to stay put,
Finally got a bed but...
Still lots to learn anyway,
Support & Advice is the best way,
When you're staying at YMCA,
Look out kid,
Don't matter what you did,
No wallkin' on egg shells,
Don't need to ring no bells,
Better hang around with those,
Who are happy with the path they chose,
Keep a clean nose,
Always keep some clean clothes,
You don't need another man,
To know which way you should go

Here you can get well,
Hang around 1 Orwell,
Ring down, stay safe,
Don't let your feelings chafe,
Try hard, don't discard,
Get back and educate,
Log on, log in, submit your work, don't be late,
Look out kid,
Don't keep it all hid,
Here you can keep warm,
Stay dry, don't cry,
Get dressed, get blessed,
Try to be a success,
Don't steal, don't lift,
Always put in a shift,
Light yourself a candle.

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