A Conversation With Milton Glaser As His Iconic, Psychedelic Bob Dylan Poster Turns 50

glaser 2017Dylan's Greatest Hits was released March 27, 1967—rushed out the door by his record label, Columbia, between the release of two other albums, the earth-shaking Blonde on Blonde and the lovely, underrated John Wesley Harding.

Between March 1965 and December 1967, Dylan released no fewer than four classic albums—including Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited—in addition to the five-time platinum Greatest Hits. In those heady years of the mid-Sixties, any number of bands sold more records than Dylan, but no other musical act on the planet—not the Beatles, not the Stones, not Hendrix, no one—was more influential.

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Color Me Cluttered - Coloring Book

Color Me Cluttered - Coloring Book

If you aren't familiar with her, you most probably would identify her by her late husband: John Berg. Mr. Berg, who passed away this Oct. 11, 2015, oversaw the production of more than 5,000 records, earning Grammy Awards, one was for his keen direction of “Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits" album cover, and he's credited with being an innovator of album packaging, having commissioned a psychedelic poster of Dylan from Glaser to complement the backlit performance photo taken by Rowland Scherman for 1967's Greatest Hits. Also, if you love Bob Dylan, you know about that amazing Bob Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde”, in which the two-record set’s sleeve opened up to expose a vertical photo of Dylan. It was a move that cemented Mr. Berg’s career as a titan of art direction. That was an invention of Mr. Berg.
To Read More on JOHN BERG: LINK: http://www.vulture.com/…/john-berg-grammy-winning-art-direc…#

Getting back to his wife, DURELL GODFREY, and I must add, those two must have been the most dynamic duo to ever encounter in one's life! Durell Godfrey is an illustrator and photographer whose work has appeared in numerous books and magazines. She is currently a contributing photographer to the East Hampton Star.

What an amazing coloring book this is...for grown-ups!!!
A coloring book for grown-ups, featuring the everyday clutter all around us.
TO PURCHASE: http://www.amazon.com/Color-Me-Cluttered-Color…/…/0399183655
For anyone who's enjoyed The Secret Garden, Outside the Lines, or any other coloring book that appeals to all ages, here's one with a twist. Durell Godfrey's intricate illustrations of the stuff in our busy lives - crowded kitchen tables, chaotic living rooms, and paper-strewn desks - are all ready to be brought to life with markers and crayons. Tidying up can be cathartic, but then again so can coloring. Color Me Cluttered offers a relaxing escape for pack rats and neat freaks alike. Just add color.
FB LINKS FOR DETAILS: https://www.facebook.com/696253247168332/photos/a.696289667164690.1073741827.696253247168332/784242588369397/?type=3&fref=nf&pnref=story

Courtesy Of: Rowland Scherman, Durell Godfrey, John Berg, Amazon, vulture.com

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