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Eamonn & Liam - Best Men Video

Sung by Matt Smart.

Danny's in the bedroom
Looks like he's pissed the bed
Now he's got his (new) wife
Lets look back on his life
He used to do (the) housework
To the A team theme
He first got a hard-on
Looking at Sarah Greene
Looked like Screech
Somebody's smoking
He loved Bros
Put girls in headlocks
(He once) Slept in a wheelie bin
Lookin' for a new friend
The girl on holiday said
Here's 10 peseto's
Buy a personality
Won't see ya later.

Benny Hill -- Johnny Briggs
Willie Thorne -- Screech wigs
Danny gets a bit drunk
Thrown out of Sunderland
Fell off his bar stool
Giving a false bingo call
Tried to push a beer keg
Straight out the St's door
Look out dick
Don't matter what you did
Get on the bus back
From the oasis show
Can anybody tell
Exactly what is that smell
Peg on your nose
Watch your plain clothes
You don't need a weather man
To know which way the smell blows

When he was pissed at home
Sleep walked to Harry and Joans
Went Uni, ran a bar
Still found time to crash his car
Tried hard, got a pass
Got an education
Went to say hi but now hates Jamie Theakston
Look out kid
Was naked on the pitch
Went to the po-lice
And asked the question
Can i stroke your horse please????????
Girl with a red pen
Graffiti'd on his head
(And) What did it say
See you next Tuesday

Ah Left food in bed
Turned (in)to maggots,
Got off a train with joined laces,
Hide behind your faces
Football, with 2 right boots
Played pool, weren't bad
and you still dropped a disabled lad
Look out dear
The Child catchers here
Singing back for good in (his) pants
He's had many good rants
He wasn't (very) happy
When he wore a giant nappy
Lets finish this rhyme
With one of his best lines
Don't eat unboiled rice
Cos it makes your stomach explode

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