Everything is broken


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Everything Was Broken.
Due to a laptop breakdown while we were on holidays in a part of the world where the nearest Apple Shop is 200km away we have been off the air for the past two weeks.

Quite a few of you have been enquiring what was wrong and if we were okay.

In the small village where we stayed was a very small shop with, among hundreds of other logo's, the Apple apple with the words MacOS underneath it.
It was only a small fix that I asked for. Really. The laptop worked fine... it only needed a security update.
"No Problem Sir!" the friendly man at the desk said.

When I came back 2 hours later he was smiling proudly from ear to ear.
"Votre ordinateur est à nouveau réparé, monsieur! J'ai reformaté le disque dur pour vous, maintenant c'est comme tout neuf! 40 Euro s'il vous plaît!
Outside it was 34˚C. Too hot to cry. 

Thanks for your kind words and your concerns which made us very happy and made us enjoy the sublime weather even more.

We hope you didn’t miss us too much and that we didn’t disturb your daily routine of starting the day by checking out our Video of the Day choice. We will resume our service again today. So welcome back everybody, and please accept our sincere apologies.

To make up for the long silence here’s an extra video, a bonus to all the faithful ones who still check us out every morning.

Here’s ‘Ben Sidran's Salon for Secular Humanists, Free-Thinkers and Arch Democrats’, Cardinal Bar, Madison WI Aug. 18, 2015. Listen to their version of the aptly titled ‘Everything Is Broken’.

    everything is broken    
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