Salute him when his birthday comes


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Exactly one year ago, May 23rd 2016, one day before Dylan's 75th birthday, this website got its first visitors. The reason why it was made can be read here and here.

During this one year we have been adding and adding information, links to youtube video's, translations, articles, pictures etc. etc. which made it the largest Dylan-related portal on the net.
Some may sigh that it organically exploded into a Japanese Knotweed-like labyrinth. But hey... we cherish that feature as the last remaining resemble with Dave's old site.
And... iif you have idea's for a better navigation please contact us!

1st birthday


We supply info for a growing group of Dylan-fans and we have lots of fun doin' that.

Since our last newsletter we have added the following:

397 Covers. The total now is 105004
770 YouTube video's. You can watch 24108
116 Artists. There are now 33097 in the database.


Special events and Featured Artists

Some of these are really, really worth checking out. We've put a lot of effort in them:

New Cover Albums



The Agenda

May is obviously a very busy month for Dylan tributes and other festiveties. The bulk of these are behind us already but there are still many which you can go to. The Agenda is here.

See you next month!

Anton, Bill, Hans and Dick

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