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Since our last newsletter...
  • winter got on its way to New Zealand. Bill Hester will hibernate in the company of 450 Red Herrings and comment on each single one before spring
  • Ger Hemel wrote us that his health is giving him serious problems. We hope he re-covers
  • Hans keeps doing a happy job on his Video of thr Day project
  • there are more and more interesting dates added to the agenda (many tribute shows)
  • we added 629 new cover-video’s (now 23338)
  • we added 303 new artists (now 32981)
  • we added 450 new covers (now 104607)
  • we have found 17 (or 18) Dylan covers in American Sign Language. Some of these have a cover as background music, others are both sung and "signed" by the interpreter. As none of us "speaks" ASL we are puzzled by one of the video's.
  • we have added some extra special events. If you know of more, please mail
  • we've also added the featured artists' pages for Dan Dietrich, The New Fools, Jens Stage, Bill Kirchen, Eric-Scott Bloom and Vilswanderer. Some text is missing... we hope they deliver it.
  • we have found another 28 video's which look a lot like D.A. Pennebaker's Subterranean Homesick Blues clip. There are almost 130 now.
  • we got our regular Video-of-the-Day-mentions on Expecting Rain, thanks to K-E

  • and...
  • our YouTube account has been suspended (apparently you may not link back to a website as often as we did - bummer)
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