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Hans and me have been Dylanating last weekend in the cold and deserted outback of the "Hogeland" of Groningen.
While listening, over and over again, to a sublime recording of the 3rd Amsterdam concert, we found some time to kill some bugs and errors on the site.

We also divided most of the tasks. Hans will do this and I will do that, etc. A bottle of Rum and a few bottles of wine surely helped to find consensus for almost everything. We won't have to bother you with it.

But... there is one task left which both of us wanted to do: The Red Herrings / Not Bob Songs (A few weeks ago we added a page with The Red Herrings / Not Bob Songs to the site. Harvesting cover video's from Youtube learned us that there are many more (below).)
The dispute over who would be the lucky guy ended up in a fistfight late saturday night.
Sunday morning we were so ashamed of ourselves that we decided on a Solomon's Verdict: None of us could do it. With tearstained eyes we apologized and hugged.

But... somebody has got to do something with this. And since that somebody is not Hans or me... it has to be one of you. Obviously.
We went over the "possible maybe's" and narrowed it down to a few volunteers:

  • Ger Hemel - Who has done not much lately, so it's about time!
  • Anton Bohnen - Who has knowledge about Red Herrings. Besides that: The winds will be blowing hard in Aruba in the next months... too hard to spend time outside... so obviously it will be more pleasant to stay inside (behind the computer).
  • Bill Hester - Wintertime is coming in New Zealand, so this is a fine excuse to stay warm, inside, and do something constructive.
  • Hans-Peter Bushoff - Who, as a pensionado, has plenty of time.
  • Josef Pohlschneider - For whom it is about time to contribute anything at all
  • Horst Schrader - Who has to be kept off the street anyway.
  • Willy Groning - From whom we haven't heard anything yet.
  • Steve Ehli - Who seems to have the momentum right now and needs to keep it.

We expect one of these fine friends to accept this beautiful challenge (but are happy with any other volunteer). How it will be done is totally up to the creativity of the taskdoer! Please mail us



red herring



Not Bob Songs (which have to be investigated by the new volunteer)

Jason Mraz - Love is a Four Letter Word
Jenny Wilson - Love Ain't Just a Four Letter Word
Love Is Just A Four Letter Word - Rex 'Nick' Wilgus
Warhaus - Lovesick (Lindstrøm & Christabelle cover)
Turnover- "Most of the Time"
Status Quo - Most of the time
"New Morning" - Alpha Rev
Never Say Goodbye - Jon Bon Jovi
Nobody Except You - Martin Carey
BRADY PERL "North Country Blues"
song writer (nam geol han ) played by Michael Jumg(Hyeok) - Not Dark Yet
Supercell's ODDS & ENDS
【JubyPhonic】ODDS & ENDS
Felicia Westin - Oh Sister
Oh Sister - Robbie Lardi
oh sister - Jeramy Blackford
Oh Sister - The Empty Yellers
The Boat House - Oh Sister
Digger Barnes Oh Sister
The Verve 'Oh Sister
Adrian Borland & The Citizens-Oh Sister
Oh Sister - The Exhumed Bones
Meal Ticket | Oh Sister
On A Night Like This (Kylie Minogue
On The night like this ( Mocca ) - Awan Saparua Cover
"On A Night Like This" - Dave Barnes Cover
On A Night Like This-Mocca Ukulele Cover
Willie Nelson - On The Road Again
 Will Wilde - On The Road Again (Live HD) - Canned Heat Cover
Katie Melua - On The Road Again
On The Road Again Performed By The Freewheelin' Band
Damian Marley - One More Cup of Coffee
kosi - one more cup of coffee
One more cup of coffee - rene burger
One More Night (Maroon 5)
Against The Current - "One More Weekend"
Robben Ford - Outlaw Blues
Azmyth - Outlaw Blues
Blues Frenzy - outlaw blues
Bad Temper Joe - Outlaw Blues
Oxford town - Dan Park
Abandoned Love - Karen Clardy
Abandonned Love -Björn Franzen
Kenneth Kas - Abandoned Love
psycho realm - all along the watchtower
Percy's Song - Grudge Baby
The Mighty Quinn - Tony Bannon
Ballad Of Donald White - Oisin McCole
Ring Them Bells by Joe Childs
KIERAN BROWN - Ring Them Bells (Liza with a "Z")
The Golden Guns - Ring Them Bells
Haven of Rest - Ring Them Bells
PA Music Scene - Ring Them Bells by Ed Randazzo
She Belongs To Me (Original) - Graham Cameron
Goanna's iconic song Solid Rock.
A Flock Of Seagulls - Standing In The Doorway
Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre: Windy I
Primal Fear- Tears of Rage
Geoffrey Lundstrom & The Nervous System - Tears Of Rage
Le Syndicat Electronique - Tears Of Rage
Tears Of Rage - Devil's Child
Wheels on Fire - The Magic Numbers
"Thunder On The Mountain" by Bad Brad Stivers
Sufjan Stevens - To Be Alone with You
Tombstone Blues - Cobleskill Ramble
Mississippi, Too Much Of Nothing
Evenstar, Too Much Of Nothing
The kooks - too much of nothing
UFO-Too Much of Nothing
Tired Lion - "Too Much of Nothing"
Mud - Too Much Of Nothing
Lisbon Soul - Too Much of Nothing
Tracie Spencer-Too Much of Nothing
Willie Nelson - Trouble In Mind
The Last Straw Breakaway / True Love Tends To Forget
Bad Finger - Walk out in the Rain
WALKING DOWN THE LINE (Johnny Black & Emma Scarr)
Gordie Chambers - Walking Down The Line
Hawker Dobkins Wanted Man
Love Child - Watching the River Flow
The Union Watch The River Flow
Watching the river flow - 13CATS
Chris Kennedy performs his song "Watching the River Flow"
watching the river flow by Klangwelt Station
Bruce Foxton - Watching The River Flow
Colvex - Watching The River Flow
The Boogie Balls - Watch The River Flow
Chikin' Brothers Watered Down Love
The New Switcheroo - Watered Down Love
I Went To See The Gypsy · The Ratmen
Eli Moore - "What Good Am I?"
What Good Am I from Muggly the Musical
 Andrew Ripp - When the Deal Goes Down
Sebastian- When the night comes falling
The Homeles Gospel Choir - With God On Our Side
Lavington Bound - With God On Our Side
Young Buck - U Ain't Goin' Nowhere ft. LaToiya Williams
Jake Owen - You Ain't Going Nowhere
Here Lies Man - You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
Pnb Rock - You aint going nowhere
Vinnie Dewayne - You Ain't Goin Nowhere
You Changed My Life - Robert Tyburski
The Stylistics - You're A Big Girl Now
Wimple Winch - You're a Big Girl Now

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