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Hello Visitor,

We are a few weeks late with this April 2017 newsletter. It is not that we've been to al the Eurpean concerts... we have just been too busy with the site. Daily updates and uploads of covers, artists and video’s. In the past weeks a lot of information was raked from YouTube, which pushed the number of listed covers way beyond the 100.000 barrier!
  • Covers was 82489, now 104166 = +26,3%
  • Artists was 20609, now 32676 = + 58,6%
  • Videos was 1018, now 22701 = +2125.8%

Thanks to:

Anton Bohnen, who sends a list with new items at the end of each month.
Steve Ehli, who has send us an Excel file with the 32.500 items which were on Dave Plentus’ original site. We are very, very happy with this as it brings us the 20% that was missing after our efforts to recover the database. We will work on that soon!
Hans Bosch, who brings in many idea’s for the video of the day.
Many artists, pro and amateur, who have send us information about their recordings.





There are many, many, many, more new things added to the site. We are working on it every day and night.
Still... if you think we overlooked or missed something... please mail us with your discoveries of new (or old) Dylan covers, news, agenda-items, etc. etc. etc.


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