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It is the end of the month, again. October 2016 is behind us and what a month it was, with that absolute bombshell on the 13th.

And the newspapers, they all went along for the ride

For our website it meant that there was a tsunami of newspaper-covers on the 14th. We catalogued almost 400 front pages and there are many more in the pipeline.

New category: Masked and anonymous

The website nobody sings Dylan Like Dylan is about Bob Dylan covers. Better formulated: that was the intention when we started this journey: to build a catalogue covers of Bob Dylan compositions.
But shortly after we started things got out of control. Today the website is also about covers of Bob Bob Dylan’s Album Covers... and magazine covers, covers of famous posters and video-covers ... and about images and texts that cover human skin... or concrete walls and complete buildings... etc. Nothing's left uncovered... we thought.
And then we noticed that people use Dylan albums to cover their face with. Everybody's wearing a disguise. We wonder... why would they do such a thing?

Another new category: Draw Conclusions On The Wall

Murals and Street Art... aren't these the same as tattoos, but with buildings and walls instead of people and skin?
We had to think about that when someone mailed us a picture of the Nashville Skyline mural at Golden Oldies in Wallingford to fit in with the album cover covers category. And then we philosophied that Murals and Street Art cover a wall, so they're covers! Reason enough to start a new category.

What are we working on right now?

Hans is crawling through Google, searching for murals and graffiti (and their exact locations). He also wants to get in contact with someone who is palnning to get a Dylan-tattoo.
If you are that person, please contact Hans. He wants to ask some questions.

Dick has spent heeps of time finding images to match the cover-versions. This is a very time-consuming job and he will need months to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. And if that job is finally finished... then all the artists need a picture too.

New Staff

We are happy to tell you that Itsuko Nishimura  has decided to join our staff. She will be adding all things Japanese, soon!

Molotov Cocktails and Rocks...

cwac new

Michel and Dick are working really hard on the total rebuild of CW&C (the Bob Dylan Paper Site). Some of the contents is already included in Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan. But soon all of Michel's unbelievable work will have an approriate and up-to-date display. The totally new website will be live in the 1st week of December 2016, which will be just in time for the new flood of newspapers and magazines with Dylan on the cover... on or after the 12th of december.

Future News

The new CW&C website will also have a newsletter, the same sort of thing as this one. You will get the first one as soon as the site is live. From next month these newsletters will each be bi-monthly. We will not spam you!

Wer are still in need of helping hands... please

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