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Hello Visitor,


    If you visited the website lately you must have noticed a lot of changes. Not only visually but also in the content. Many, many things have changed. Let me sum it up to you: 
  1. In the main database we have added pictures. Each entry - cover or artist - will have a picture in the future. We have started to add these 4 weeks ago and are progressing with about 200 images per day. Mind you: this is a hand job: performing an image-query on Google, cropping the found image to 400x400 in Photoshop, renaming it and upload it to the server, where it is joined to the database-entry.You are right: a lot of work and we could use some help here. Google works fine to locate album-covers.
    Covers of 45’s are a different story. And yes, we have all images from Dave Plentus’ original site, but these are of poor quality (163x163 and in gif format). So: please send us covers of 45’s!
    If everybody that has asked us for this feature supplies pictures... then we might get this task finished before 2017!

  2.  Working closely together with Michel Pomarede has resulted in a “complete” magazine cover section. This is temporarily. Once the new CW&C website(!) is finished this section wil be dropped as CW&C is the leading website for printed matter.

  3. Hans Bosch has been very busy with the Dylan-tatoos. There are now over 300 images in this category. Hans has been visiting numerous tattoo-parlours trying to find someone with a Dylan-tattoo for an interview. Without success. If you know some-body with a Dylan-tattoo (or if you have one yourself maybe) please contact Hans. He wants to ask some questions.

  4. The Michael Glaser Poster Cover Section has also got some very interesting additions. Please visit.

  5. We also added the Travelling Wilburys to the website. For some reason this had been forgotten.

  6. Less prominent, but very important, we have added many navigation changes to the website and killed a shitload of bugs.

Still… while we’re working on one part, we cannot pay attention to other parts. And there is still a lot to do.
Lucky enough we will get some new hands on the team this fall and winter when the retirees return from their summer vacations. The long autumn- and winter evenings will soon be there… 


Video of the Day

Every day we make a link to a noteworthy video of a Dylan cover. It is a 3 minute job. Because it is such a small job we often “forget” about this. Is there anyone who wants to be Chief of the VotD Department? 

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