What's the sense of changing horses in mid-stream?


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In my country there is a saying: "Beter ten halve gekeerd dan ten hele gewaald”.

It originally comes from the Bible: When Paul was on his way to Damascus to persecute the Christians, suddenly, halfway he “saw the light”. Then he turned around and changed his life. I had a quick Google for an English version but couldn’t see one.

I had to think about this very often this month. When I uploaded the cover database to the website - at the end of May - I didn’t really like the idea that the database could not connect to other parts of the content of the website.
Just like on David Plentus’ website both the cover-database and all the illustrated information about cover-albums there were listed in two different sections.
To join these two databases I had to do an immense pile of work and I did not like that at first.

Nevertheless: This annoyed me more and more. And I also was annoyed by you guys, asking me again and again if there would be pictures with every cover.
It annoyed me so bad that I decided to do it all over again. I felt like Paul on his way to Damascus. I split the original database in two vertical parts (cutting a 56 kilometer long roll of wallpaper in two parts with a small pair of scissors).
After working on the two separate parts for 3 weeks I uploaded them again this week.

The Changes:

In the main menu, below Database, there are two sub-menu-items: Covers and Artists.


If you click one of them you will quickly discover the changes.

There is another big change

We can now add pictures to all the items in the database. Every cover can have a picture of the album- or single sleeve. Ever artist can have a picture and a short bio. The best news is: you can do this too!

How to upload pictures:

If you have login credentials to the website you use these to log in via the footer menu.


Once you are logged in, you bypass your profile page and navigate to the covers via the main menu. From there you go to the detail page of the cover version where you have a picture for (a jpg or png, square, 400x400px).
Because you are logged in you will see a button on the right-hand top of the detail page: Edit item.


In the page that will pop up from there you may edit information and upload the image.


You can also do this with artists (if you don’t have a login and wish to help please mail us!).


New Team Member

Michel Pomarede of Come Writers And Critics has joined our team. His knowledge of all Bob things printed (and FileMaker!) will be of great value to Nobody Sings.
We can help him too...

its a cover bob

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