Newsletter #1608: The weather was hot, a-nearly 90 degrees


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anton eotmLast month we've received great help from: Tomáš Lavický, Lars Fernebring, Jacques Mees, Jan Barten, Ger Hemel, José Baule, Karl-Erik, Kim Larsen, Lars M. Banke and... Anton Bohnen, who deserved the "undercoverer of the month award" for july 2016!


While you may read this newsletter on your tablet or smartphone whilst being on vacation, the faithful and tireless staff of your favorite website are behind (or in front of) their desktops enjoying the cool breeze of the climate-control.
We know there are far more important things to do in the summertime than laying on the beach all day and get sunburned or suffer from diarrhea from the foreign food in the café’s. We tell you; it’s not a punishment to stay at home and hold the fort.
Let’s give you a short update on the changes and new items

You may have noticed that we like to change the main menu every other day. Ha! We did it again!


Cover Albums is renamed to Audio. New items are:
Audio > All Cover Albums (used to be the menu-header, which made it a bit confusing)
Audio > Cover Album of the week is an overview of all the albums that have been an album of the week since we started this.

Video has gotten an extra sub-menu item: Special Events. If you click it you will see what we want to show you here: video’s of tribute- and birthday shows.
Video > Subterranean Homesick Videos: Covers of Dylan’s songs, covers of Dylan’s album covers. We ask you: would there be one music-video that’s been more “covered" than the iconic Subterranean Homesick Blues “clip” that D.A. Pennebaker shot near the Savoy Hotel in 1965? We don’t think so. Although this website focusses on covers of Dylan’s songs we cannot think of a reason to not include this landmark in the history of rock ’n roll in this website.

Translated lyrics is shortened to just “Lyrics”, with two sub-menu-items: originals and translated lyrics. Which makes more sense. 100+ translations have been added.

Misc Miscellaneous > Album Cover Covers: While this website focusses on covers, we believe that we may also pay some attention to covers of album covers. We have done two so far: BIABH and Freewheelin’. We think they’re great! Help here is appreciated.
Miscellaneous > My Cover Story: Everybody has a Dylan story. And everybody's story is different. It could be the story of the first time you heard a Dylan song, your most memorable concert, the story about the reasons for collecting or even the story about how you met Bob Dylan "in the flesh". We call these stories "Cover Stories". Everybody has one. In this corner of our website we have prepared a stage for those who want to share their tale.

Triumph 1951 USA Back Cover 001


Miscellaneous > The Milton Glaser Poster. In 1967 Graphic Desiger Milton Glaser was asked to design a poster that would be packed with Dylan's to be released first Greatest Hits album. We have found lots of covers

Miscellaneous > Tattoo Bob. Dylan tattoos. Thousands have covered parts of their body with Dylan’s portrait or lyrics. We offer you a modest exhibition of 200+ pics.

Besides these new categories we have added hundreds of new video’s and translations  in the past four weeks. PLUS... the artists-page is finished (you should browse through those pages. some are really surprising). With “finished” we don’t mean that all the artists are there… merely that the set-up is okay.

k eHave you noticed, meanwhile, that Karl-Erik has granted us a permanent link on Expecting Rain? This menu looks like a little christmas tree now. The mentions here really boost our visitors numbers!

We are very modern: we even have a Facebook page! Do you want to be our facebook-friend?

Have a nice weekend!


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