Newsletter #1607: Things have changed


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Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana!

Only two weeks have passed and again lots of things have changed on the website.
We (the staff) have been focussing on the artists pages. Last week, after publishing Neil Young's page, that job was done. A complete new section was added. Maybe you remember: Dave had this part on the original site. With this text:


The purpose of these pages are to provide illustrated guides to the Dylan covers recorded by a variety of performing artists. Most pages show the original source of the covers, plus examples of later compilations or reissues of interest. Please note that it is not the intent to list every subsequent reissue of each cover, nor every variation of the records displayed.  Only official recordings are included here.
As always, additions, corrections or comments are always welcome, as well as suggestions for additional artists  (with a minumum of  3 covers from at least 2 different sources) or new Genre/Style sections.


On your new site you will find those artists here. Those who have covered more than 3 songs have their own page. Of course we've added heeps of extra's, like a short bio and - sometimes - video's and a spotify player. Enjoy!

Please: if you spot omissions. if you see errors, miss albums, songs or artists, please let us know!

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Have a nice start of summer. See you in 4 weeks with newer news.

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