Newsletter #1606: In the summertime


Good morning, good afternoon, good evening Visitor,


Four weeks have passed since we’ve send you an update of our efforts. It’s about time for new news!
Fallen Angels has been released and Dylan started touring with Mavis Staples. Both events got excellent reviews. Meanwhile we’ve been steadily working on the website. We hope you are satisfied with our efforts as well.

A website is a constantly changing work in progress, so is this one. Every day new items get added and every day we stumble upon things that can be better. Let's sum it up:


batman robinWe feel that the main menu is pretty clear right now. All the important stuff is at 1st level, less important articles and categories have moved to submenu-items.
There is a 4th slider in the 1st row. It is titled ”Our words were told, our songs were sung”. This links to all the songs that Dylan has covered. Well… not all yet. There are many. So you will see this growing. But it’s worth to take a look there. We try to add soundbytes to the original versions here and give some information about composers.

Mmmm… I love that Country Pie!

Many countries, all over the world, have their own “Cover Story”. Bundled per country each story makes up a typical music-history, which is - most of the time - very interesting stuff
We will publish these stories here. Ton Bohnen has added a Dutch history, Bill Hester has contributed the history of New Zealand, Marc De Maegdt has done the research for the Belgium (the last page generated a lot of chuckles). Ireland will follow shortly. We are still waiting for someone to do the first of the five Scandinavian stories.

Video of the Day

More and more cover videos are added to the site. At the moment there are 350 in the cover-video section and almost 100 in the artists section. Every day we pick one of these to be your “Video of the Day”.

Featured Artists

The last couple of weeks you have seen most changes in this section. It is growing each day with 3 or more pages. Some artists have covered so many songs of Bob Dylan that they could easily fill a category by themselves. You will find them on this "special" page (and find out why). Besides the usual suspects like Joan Baez, Grateful Dead, The Band, Hugues Aufray and Joe Cocker there's also some interesting stuff here that you might’ve never heard of, like Svante Karlsson and Stumpzian Farber.

Translated Lyrics.

Also this section has its daily updates. Today there are more than 600 translations. Faithful contributors are Ger Hemel and Marc de Maegdt. We’ve also got help from the artists themselves. Kåre Virud has sent his work, Lars Fernebring, Hans Annellsson, Toni Vescoli and J.M. Baule as well.
There are translations in Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Also in Esperanto and Sign Language(!). There is still lots of work to be done here: who will pick this up for his/her own language. Lots is available on the net (but it’s so much easier to search in your own language). If it’s not available: please try to penn the lyrics down while listening to a cover.

News Blocks

On the front page of the site there are two “rows” with News. You can see the updates on new added translations, new added cover albums, and a Spotify player of the album of the week.
Below that there is a feed of teasers to cover related news. You will only see items here that have to do with new or noteworthy cover versions and tribute shows.


We do well. People find us. There is a thrustworthy fanbase as you can see. The peaks are caused by the pushes that Karl-Erik gives us on Expecting Rain (THANKS!). We meanwhile have our own link there.


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We have a Facebook Page, a Twitter-, Youtube- and Soundcloud account. We are oh so modern!

Do right to me baby

What can we do better? What do you miss? Is there anything that YOU want to add? Please mail us. Do unto others!

Have a nice start of summer. See you in 4 weeks with newer news.

Bill, Hans, Dick


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