Newsletter #6: I am sorry. I failed!


Hello Visitor,



I’m really sorry but I have failed!


I’ve promised to rebuild Dave Plentus’ database and website and that it would be finished on May 23 2016, but I failed. I have overestimated myself again (I often do).
Maybe, If I’d stick to that was was needed, I would have finished the job today.
But I didn’t.
Instead of keeping it simple and keep Dave’s example as a guidline, I added more and more extra features into it.

  • Bob’s Lyrics
  • Translated lyrics
  • Video’s
  • Stories that no-one will ever read
  • Links to Spotify
  • Album of the Week
  • Google alerts to News about covers…

All these are extra’s that kept me away from the goal.

Oh yeah… and I lost track completely when I made this contest, of course. One person responded. So I failed, today, while doing the EP category.

I managed to do some of the EP's, but they’re not complete yet. I feel it is not entirely my own fault. Arie gave me a list that is double the length. So I need an extra day (or two).


One of the extra features which are added is a category/section that could hold a chronological overview of Dylan’s covers, per country.
The idea was born from Tom Bohnen’s stories (which were originally published in

Bill Hester offered to do the same for New Zealand. But I feel that there are many here among us who could do the same for Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway… etc. All in the language of each country, I feel.

Despite all the above I had fun doing the job.

I made some new friends along the track and reinforced the ties with others(!)

I want to say thank you to Karl-Erik (for posting on ER), Hans Bosch (for daily inspiration, critique and lots of laughs), Ger Hemel (for scans and translations), Arie (for hospitality and all), HPB, Josef, Dirk, Horst, Brian, Ton, Bill, Johannes, Kåre and all those without whom, etc.

And now I wonder… What do you boys and girls think of it so far?
If you want to spoil my birthday - tomorrow - you're invited to dump a shitload of critique in my mailbox.
But... you may also inspire and encourage me to go on... if you like. I appriciate that.

Birthday Cake Bob


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