Newsletter #5: Seven Days!


Hello Visitor,

Since newsletter no. 4 there has been almost constantly worked on the site. Small and larger things were tackled. Minor and major bugs were solved.
Bill Hester and me wrote Dave's obituary. We both feel well with it. I hope you do to. Please let us know. The footage was supplied by Arie de Reus. Thanks!
Thanks also to KE, who pays attention to the project in Expecting Rain

There are just a few days left to the 23rd, the day when I will clean this desk and go back to my normal day job. From May 24th on, the site has to become one that has to be maintained by more collectors than just me.
Hundreds of hours were needed to transfer all the data from Dave’s site to a new format. From flat html to a CMS. It has been the largest migration in my 22 year career as a web-designer.

I can understand now that this must have been more than a full-time job for Dave. He must’ve been totally occupied with it: 24/7.

I don’t have that amount of time neither the knowledge. I like to listen to covers and I know how to design a database an a website… that’s all. That’s why this site has to be a project of more people. preferably a dozen or so.  If not, then it has no future.
Another reason is - I’ve written this earlier - we must prevent that the data gets lost once again.So we need more friends that hold the keys.

So, please stand up if you like to become a part of a team. No matter how few hours you are willing to put in to it - or just want to help on occasional basis. Please mail.

This has been done in the last week:

  1. The database is up and running. It is connected to Dylan’s Song’s. Each song has a button that will do a query and show all known covers (known by us, that is). It is nice to see how the technique works… when it does (we all know that feeling). There are still many duplicates. Help needed.
  2. The “specials” are added. Dave had some pages for “Hollies sing Dylan” and “Any Day Now”, etc. These entries are migrated to the new site now. I will extend this category with The Byrds, Grateful Dead Family, Joe Cocker and lesser gods.
  3. Meanwhile I have been crawling through Google’s dungeons to find written translations. I have mailed artists. Some of them were very helpful. Lots of translations were added. There will be more in the next days. Ger Hemel has also send me a bunch (which I have to work trough).
    If you are in contact with artists… please mail ‘m!
    Yesterday I got a nice mail from Copenhagen. I hope this new friend wants to ta care of the Scandinavian leg.
  4. A few dozen composers and soundbites were added to songs that Dylan covered. This is really a fun job. But time consuming. If anybody would want to work with me on this one: you’re welcome!
    Please have a look here, and here.
  5. Many YouTube video’s were added. This is also a fun job (and easy too).
  6. On the homepage, half way down, you will see a nice new feature: Album of the Week (with a Spotify account you may listen to it).
  7. There is a Custom 404 page

Oh, yeah… I made some sort of a contest.

Not that I feel that anyone will compete but transferring data is not really exciting… so at one point I had to do something else in between to keep myself awake.



I have added an extra main-menu-item: Misc. I will transfer all what’s on this page to that spot.
And the EP’s have to be migrated yet
And the Video too.

In the back-end I have connected the site to Google Analytics. Today. I will be giving you visitor statistics monthly.

With these mails I tried to keep you up-2-date with the process. I hope you enjoyed it. In a few days I will be sending you the last one of this series. If all works out well I have added the remaining omissions by then.

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